Ali listed

Ali listed, more than $200000000000 in Cheap Nike Free 5.0 UK Online Sale market value is 7 times as much as the second Jingdong electric. Look, Jiangshan difficult to shake. however, this time in the consumer Internet established Empire, if encounter to the industry of Internet of the outbreak, who to who defeated, is really hard to say. at least, compared with the current BAT layout, gradually by Ali ignore the B end of the market, but was Baidu, Tencent repeatedly pyramid. This lack of strategy, or in the future in the battle of pain from time to time. of small and mediumsized enterprises, Lebron James Shoes Ali was not doing well in Nike Flex Experience RN B2B is Ali started business. This is a business that helps small businesses more convenient access to the trading information, and tried to establish a trust system, let the small and medium sized enterprises in China is not difficult to do business. Before and after 09 years has not Xixi Park, B2B business has the most luxurious position in Binjiang Park, it is said that even the telephone marketing team to occupy the entire building, at that time, the core business of B2B or ali. of small and mediumsized enterprises used to be in the first Womens  Nike Free 4.0 Pink Gold Yellowplace has been full of Ma the object support, before and after 09 years Ma Yunceng has pointed out that the next 20 years China belongs to the small and mediumsized enterprise, small and mediumsized enterprise is the biggest contribution of China to the world economy, close to Ali Forbes back to Ma as small and medium sized enterprises the godfather in the name of. A few years later, we have been hard to Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Men UK Online Sale hear the godfather for the small and mediumsized enterprise said what, the small and mediumsized enterprise has not Ali want to tell the story. 2007 Nike Air Max Women Ali B2B landing in Hong Kong, is the B2B business summit. In 2011, Ma Yun open cut Wei Zhe is the beginning of the B2B business decline, when Ali paid members appeared first yearonyear decline, although the business has been bred out of Alipay, and lynx Nike Max 90 Current Moire a few now support Ali kingdom of new business, but itself is being marginalized is an indisputable fact, Ali in the the prospectus B2B in zero time can illustrate this point. These years Ali B2B business still remain in the Ali start at the beginning of the yellow pages, not much change. Ali is now more willing to refer to the capital market is large Taobao: Lynx and Taobao, and is poised next Nike Free Run 3 capital behemoth: Ali small. B2B business occupied Binjiang park has become the past tense, B2C becomes the core business has been listed ali. but even B2C plate, Ali also lynx light Taobao strategy, therefore suffered small sellers siege in October. Ali after appearing on the market if you want to get more brisk earnings, or the greatest degree to prevent fake, will also pay more attention to own brand flagship store big sellers, they have the brand endorsement, also afford high marketing costs. Overall, Ali are giving up the small and mediumsized enterprise in the active or passive. Ali chicken Blossom Honey Ali did not do a good job in the small and mediumsized enterprises has Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Women UK Online Sale been increasing attention to Glow in the Dark Jordan Men the end of his opponent’s Baidu, tencent.

the eleven golden week

the eleven golden week, the biggest keywords appliance industry than the price war. in the home appliance manufacturers, by never hits the price war the Gree lead, almost all appliance manufacturers, especially the airconditioning manufacturers play Glow in the Dark Jordan Men a price war in the air conditioner. Gree in golden week before the selection in the Ji’nan daily five days of continuous push about a package version of advertising, which Gree warning in home appliances circle triggered widespread concern, this letter to home appliances peer letter by saying: respect: Gree electrical appliance counterparts for the first time in 20 years to launch a price war, to spend tens of billions of customers, during the National Day Nike Air Max Women offers unprecedented efforts, such as thus touches your interests, we apologize. caused Nike Free Run 3 by appliance manufacturers to follow suit and criticism, beauty made promotional posters, declared that 30 years of the worst tornado. Aux, CHIGO followed, quickly follow in part of the regional market, Aux airconditioning hit one price back to ten years ago slogan, CHIGO airconditioning shouted naked price ho ceremony, be wild with joy. Changhong Womens  Nike Free 4.0 V2 Purple Orangeis at the Gree move as shouted: in the name of a price war to clean up the old stock, state two years ago ordered to withdraw from the market machine, this is not a price war! 30 years China appliance industry price war’s Changhong warned originator: we will never get old, out of stock products to deceive consumers! Open your eyes! Than the price, than the production date, than the new, than the efficiency, to hit the 2014 all new series! Changhong air conditioning, as the value of war! in the channel, the online and offline on the price war has also launched in eleven the home appliance consumption season. Jingdong launched a price at the price of white paper, Lebron James Shoes different places and different price phenomenon; Suning launched Nike Flex Experience RN the big promotion efforts; Gome online is put forward the concept of a country’s cool vouchers, the preferential 3%. eleven Seven Day Golden Week holidays, weather, autumn is married housewarming season, is also the home Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Women UK Online Sale appliance sales season. Home appliance manufacturers and home appliance channel to sell at this time, as the market for high or. unfortunately, whether it is a home appliance manufacturer or appliances channels, this year eleven appliance wars are nothing new, or on the price issue, is still the old tricks. home appliance manufacturers price war in the air conditioner in the selected category, itself does not have the sincerity. The eleven national cooler, air conditioning already was not early season, Nike Max 90 Current Moire coupled with this year’s National Weather generally do not heat, resulting in air conditioning sales is not good this year, home appliance manufacturers inventory backlog of serious air. Xinyikang data show that in 2014 16 months, the air conditioner market retail volume reached 25990000 units, yearonyear growth of 10.8%; air conditioner retail market scale reached 89300000000 yuan, Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Men UK Online Sale a yearonyear growth of 11.1%, is expected in the second half of 2014 airconditioning market growth Cheap Nike Free 5.0 UK Online Sale will slow down.

to help people generation operation

to help people generation operation, now the domestic 2 thousands of Proxy Companies, earn money basically less, almost no space to survive. Shenzhen he partner Agel Ecommerce Ltd CEO Liu Yinglong yesterday told reporters, electric generation industry has entered a low profit era, on one hand enterprises net into the business field, on the other hand, in the familiar electric business of many companies started the solo, do their own business, leaving space more and more small generation operation enterprises. 2012, electric generation operation market reached its peak, greatly small electric generation Nike Free Run 3 operating company enjoying huge social dividend electric transformation of traditional enterprises, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as blossom everywhere. The data shows, the number of generation operation 2012 years from the seller service provider platform registered in 2011 from about 500 increase to more than 1400. but with the maturity of network technology, the simple generation operation at present in the mobile era is unable to survive. Liu Yinglong tells a reporter, closed down at the beginning of this year the national large number of generation of operating companies, including three volumes before some of the Southern China area generation. before in the Guangzhou Shenzhen has a Womens  Nike Free 4.0 V2 Grey Redspecial service shop photography design decoration company, in a very short time, team growth number three hundred or four hundred people, was in the Guangzhou Shenzhen received many stores, or live. Liu Yinglong Nike Max 90 Current Moire expresses to the reporter, the reason is that most generation operation enterprises because of too much investment, no core technology and products, the right of discourse. on the one hand, many operations jobs cannot be quantified, on the other hand, a lot of work procedure and in the manual of Nike Flex Experience RN the times. Nike Air Max Women Liu Yinglong said. it is understood that the early generation of operators is the imitation of American electric generation operation founder of GSI, but the other powerful front end sales network and the rear end of the supply chain management capabilities, the domestic practitioners do not apply. In the vast majority of generation operators, at the same time with the front end and the back end of a whole generation operating company managed capacity less than half. we were the first do shop decoration; the second one is in the agent, to help people shop operation sole agent. The proxy process, we found a problem, is the shop decoration will be very difficult to quantify, even do not quantify, I can not evaluate me this picture value of high or low. For example Glow in the Dark Jordan Men you photographer a lot, but the photographer level is very poor, made Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Men UK Online Sale after the task is completed, you find that customers do not pay, is a very difficult to quantify Lebron James Shoes a market. Liu Yinglong says to the reporter. he expresses to the reporter, because the operation types cannot be quantified, artificial cost increase is a direct result of the. Generation operation process, domestic I took seven or eight stores, but suddenly found that the generation of operating expenses was thirtythree thousand months, I have seven Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Women UK Online Sale shops, the total cost is 210000, not enough company labour cost. Liu Yinglong said. Cheap Nike Free 5.0 UK Online Sale addition, Liu Yinglong said, because of the lack of the threshold, hiring is difficult to recruit particularly suitable, especially the personnel of the service. He told reporters that the service for the shop very demanding, such as a

although the domestic chain giant large business involved in business have ended in failure

although the domestic chain giant large business involved in business have ended in failure, but this does not hinder their determination to traditional enterprise electric shock. Recently, the RT Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Men UK Online Sale Mart supermarket China market ranked first because the rise of flying Nike Flex Experience RN cow net electric business website subordinate, once again triggered a hot discussion. believes that recently a lot of friends in supermarkets of RT Mart saw overwhelming flying cow network advertising, in this Nike Air Max Women way to attract enough eyeballs, but the effect is very good really? Recently, global information broadcast episode of the show, I find the attachment related topics about big embellish hair involved in business. I put my point of view, the core is arranged as follows: 1, RT Mart chairman Huang Mingduan led the RT from the initial small supermarket later to catch WALMART, Carrefour such retail giant, which do you think Nike Free Run 3 are the characteristics of his marketing? : Nike Max 90 Current Moire supply high quality and inexpensive products directly from the source of procurement, the profit rate is very low. The construction of logistics system: RT Mart began to self built logMens Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Grey Blackistics warehousing system in 10 years ago. The operating system of standardized: a sound management of ERP information system, from the service to manage all process. the rural strategy: Street, shuttle bus. 2, Huang Mingduan from the original textile industry later retail he can do very well, his success is what you think? dare to struggle: from Taiwan to the mainland, Huang Mingduan cut his way through customer service difficulties, Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Men UK Online Sale seize the market development of the bonus period, using 10 years to build a commercial retail empire. the Internet thought: simple, acme, fast Internet thinking Huang Mingduan was executed very Lebron James Shoes well. the market and consumers need to know what products: Huang Mingduan to the market and consumer demand quick response. 3, Huang Glow in the Dark Jordan Men Mingduan thinks, domestic electric business after the development in recent years are no longer just started as simple to engage in a price war, now more and more rational. He thought into the business at this time is the most appropriate, how do you see this problem? I am very agree with Huang Mingduan, the Chinese ecommerce has depended on the rapid rise, but the future electronic commerce competition spell more is a service, not price, because our market and consumers are growing more and more rational. By the end of 2013 RT online ecommerce sites their flying cow nets, and put billions of dollars. But in my opinion, the rapid development of ecommerce era has passed, the previous name of the electronic commerce website the annual volume of transactions are in the hundreds of billions of dollars to hundreds of billion, RT Mart this time to enter the ecommerce has been slow, but slow Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 UK Online Sale is better than not to do. Because in the future there will be no traditional retail pure, any mode of retail must change the Internet, will survive. 4, you

paper knife horse suddenly

paper knife horse Nike Free Run 3 suddenly, dangdang has listed the first anniversary, think before every guest listed plan ran aground, change at the top, and think of Jingdong mall no longer provide free delivery, began to collect logistics costs, behind the strong not down there is a conspiracy theory, is the small courier company to boil down. Come one year, changes in electric market situation also is Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Men UK Online Sale a few degrees. Also see a message said, luxury cable business website called Kazakhstan network home page appears my hardearned money popup page. The author to the site to see, indeed. Change constantly, electric system really into an eventful year.? Jingdong also launched its own luxury site, but have a look, call Kazakhstan, marvel at. In fact, the domestic luxury electric business of the day is not very good at the moment. After all, the user consumption habits have not the luxury goods online shopping behavior as their own, with the spending power of user habits online channel under the purchase of luxury goods. Dangdang Li Guoqing Nike Flex Experience RN once Nike Air Max Women in microblog on luxury cable business Mens Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Blackchallenge. Li Guoqing thinks, luxury Nike Max 90 Current Moire online shopping brands does not endorse, parallel input true or false; long supply chain, procurement prices in general; the high cost, stimulate the courier switch; in addition, luxury Glow in the Dark Jordan Men goods to the hands of users, but also stimulate customer switch return. Of course luxury site is only one aspect. The author pays more attention to or change electric system for one year, including Dangdang after listing brought about by market expectations. We’ll look at some data: Dangdang’s fiscal 2011 third quarter financial results, the total revenue of 908900000 yuan $142500000, a yearonyear increase of 50%. Today, Dangdang children’s articles shop has become the leading domestic largescale online children’s articles shop. Every two years, plans to establish strong sales status of Dangdang online one to two Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Men UK Online Sale kinds of commodities. In fact, after the listing, Dangdang has more money, are more diversified in business development. Dangdang network set up clothing division, 3C division, beauty makeup division, baby division, digital publishing division etc With the traditional advantages of editorial department, business department transition Dangdang basically completed. After the financial crisis, many traditional enterprises have started their own business transformation, market competition has become more and more fierce, including Su Ningdu started their own purchase, visible competition antenna has been extending in all directions. however, online retail threshold is not imagination of so low, such as logistics. I have a personal feeling, is in the Dangdang, even buy a book, but also to send units to, and excellence is Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 UK Online Sale not Lebron James Shoes sent to the author of the unit, because the author unit distance urban district have a certain distance. And an SD card until just buy in Jingdong Mall now have not delivered, when tracking orders goods are found early in the week before we arrived at the author’s cities. But is this the last just a few kilometers away, but for a week have not delivered, depressing, telephone contact Jingdong sale, given

Wen Huang Yuanpu

Wen Huang Yuanpu , O2O founder of European Network Analyst in O2O this huge market in front, in the BAT rack sth The O2O pattern is: before Tencent with Micro message received the largest market expectations; related work Aliduo business thousands of people engaged in the O2O, the momentum is very great; and the external Lebron James Shoes impression of Baidu O2O stay in Baidu map glutinous rice nets, the lack of overall cognitive. until September 3rd Baidu launched the direct in the Baidu World Congress, the overall image Baidu O2O gradually plump up. As usual, Baidu through Baidu world outward convey important signal: Baidu is increased O2O! The launch of direct, but also conform to the Internet information service, by to by to show the development tide of transaction. Fast fusion Internet and entity Nike Air Max Women in China’s Internet 20 years development course, Internet people’s mentality has experienced the stages of three distinct: the early Internet people approached the traditional enterprises, because of lack of confidence, always in Mens Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Blackfear; and later with the rise of the Internet economy, the Internet people confidence expansion, think that the Internet can revolution all over the past one or two years, the Internet; people gradually realize that the shortage of pure Internet, began with the line under the O2O fusion. Internet at least Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Men UK Online Sale two such development trend, one is the development from information service: from the first Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 UK Online Sale to the online information insufficiency to the excess of information from the information classification, information retrieval, more efficient access to useful information is a major theme of the Internet to find information; but often behind correspondence is looking for the service, the former Internet Co to pay more attention to the former and neglect the latter. Another trend of Internet is developed by Glow in the Dark Jordan Men showing the transaction: the light display can not solve the problem of advertising costs in half is wasted, the transaction is more efficient than the display mode. for the big trend mentioned above, Baidu has been very accurate grasp. In 2011 Robin Li proposed middle page: put in the middle of the Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Men UK Online Sale search engine and traditional industry status for others to provide services; that the vertical field of almost all the existed middle page opportunity is worth doing a Nike Flex Experience RN bridge between traditional industry and real internet. Nike Free Run 3 From this day forward, had to admit that Robin Li saw early by the information transfer service tide, to see the big trend of the Internet and the traditional industry with the. In 2014 January the geek park on congress, Robin Li is more straightforward: the Internet to all industries infiltration. O2O logic direct is based on the Nike Max 90 Current Moire above understanding, Baidu very early layout on the Internet and traditional industry with the O2O opportunity. From the Baidu group buying by the navigation evolved into

Chedaimafan 2300 tangled explicit China phase stock market

Chedaimafan 2300 tangled explicit China phase stock market,Dashiyanpan policy: the Fourth Plenum communique released surface, comprehensively promote the rule of law; two exchange issued ready to Shanghai Gangtong test; Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Men Canada Online Sale pass the SFC senior Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice weekend to SSE research Shanghai Gangtong preparations; three ministries notification requirements to establish and perfect the pension service subsidy system; Civil Aviation Authority said the air low cost of our country will enter a stage of development of human society; Department said, the next step will be to accelerate the construction of social security system, strengthen the pension insurance of toplevel design, promote the basic oldage insurance system reform and related comprehensive reform; today, a series of Nike Air Foamposite Women matching rules Shanghai Gangtong has been basically ready, Nike Air Force Ones but the related tax policy how to coordinate and determined there is no authoritative statement. According to the insiders, Shanghai and Hong Kong to help Daobi reform in the mainland capital market tax system; Tibet main functional area planning will be reported to the Bureau of statistics released today; in September 70 large and mediumsized city residential sales price statistics, in this regard, the National Bureau of statistics City Department Senior Statistician LiuMens Nike Free 3.0 Mens Nike Free 3.0 Deep Green White Jianwei said, prices continued to decline, but the decline narrowed. Blake Griffin Shoes funds face: Quartz shares, Shaanxi black, Cui Hua jewelry, Zhongke dawn, ocean king and electric motor of new shares of online purchase day; October HSBC manufacturing PMI initial value of 50.4, hit a three month high of the first batch of self; from local Nike Air Max Mens debt issuance also ended, Shenzhen 4200000000; the enthusiasm of investors hit a 41 month high; the most new data from the China foreign exchange trading center showed that the middle of October 24th the RMB exchange rate against the dollar price of 6.1467, compared with the previous trading day Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Women Canada Online Sale October 23rd the middle price of 6.1459 value depreciation 8 basis points. news: World Bank expected prices downward is likely to continue until 2015; pass the Saudi oil accident reduction; the Ministry set up the scheme 3 next week demonstrated rare earth group; Guangdong by the end of the implementation of state five emission standards; Qinghai promote enterprise merger and reorganization integration; farming cultivate reform large conference held in Shanghai the end of the month; software development forum of China private trade; the development of hospital annual meeting held in Nanjing on 25 days; building energy efficiency in Beijing exhibition held in Beijing; Wuhan International Horse Racing Festival opening 25. disk language parsing , the Shanghai composite index opened 2303 points higher at 0.66, lowered the minimum 2296 points, the highest 2314 points, to close at 2302 points, down 0.14 points, or 0.01%, turnover of 114300000000. Shenzhen stock index opened 7982 points, the highest 8003 points, the lowest point of 7899, to close at 7921 points, down 48 points, or 0.6%, turnover of 124100000000. Two city volume 2964238400000000, compared to the previous trading day Suliang 58000000000 or nearly two into. The gem index closed at 1477 points, or 0.02%, volume 25000000000. On the surface of the : two, up more or less Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Canada Online Sale education media, on the west side of the Straits, foreign trade shares subject or lead, ST, liquor, land circulation, general Air Jordan Shoes Mens decline in the front plate. The technology of

he 2006 about the rule of leap year 20141024 Chinese eighteenth CPC Central Committee fourth plenary session

he 2006 about the rule of leap year 20141024 Chinese eighteenth CPC Central Committee fourth plenary session, held in Beijing from October 20, 2014 to 23. The plenum listened to and discussed by the Political Bureau of the Central Commission for the Xi Jinping’s work report, examined and adopted the decision of the CPC Central Committee on promoting a number of major issues of the rule of law. the plenary session, comprehensively promote the rule of law, the general goal is to build a socialist legal system China characteristics, building a socialist country ruled by law. This is, in Chinese under the leadership of the Communist Party, Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Canada Online Sale adhere to the socialist system China characteristics, implement the China characteristic socialist rule of law theory, formed a complete legal system, the rule of law, the implementation of efficient system of strict legal supervision system, powerful law guarantee system, form the perfect system of the innerparty laws and regulations, adhere to the rule of law, administration according to law, administration according to law to jointly Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice promote the construction of rule of law, adhere Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Men Canada Online Sale to the development of the country, the government under theMens Nike Free 3.0 Black Yellow rule of law, rule of law society, realize the scientific legislation, strict law enforcement, judicial justice, the national law, the promotion of the national system of governance and governance capability of modernization. Realize this goal, must adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of Chinese, maintain the people’s principal position, Nike Air Force Ones adhere to equality before the law, uphold the rule of law and by virtue of combining, hold to from Chinese reality. plenary session made clear to comprehensively promote the important task of governing the country according to law: perfect the socialist legal system China characteristics with the constitution as the core, strengthen the implementation of the constitution; further promote administration according to law, accelerate the construction of the government ruled by law; to ensure judicial justice, improve judicial credibility; enhance the whole civil law governing idea, promote the construction of the rule of law society; strengthening the rule of law work team construction; strengthen and improve Party leadership to comprehensively promote the rule of law. will now I published in 2006 August theory and practice tax planning and 2008 September published tax planning theory Blake Griffin Shoes and practice Second Edition about the rule of expression, text extract is as follows: , the power in the law of the cage Nike Air Max Mens two the principle of rule of law in modern society: for the public power, law is not the authorization for that method has authorization must be; for private rights, no law prohibited all right, no legal prohibition shall not be punished. [1] in China, all power belongs to the people, the organs of state power is entrusted by the people. Enterprises Nike Air Foamposite Women or citizen behavior, whatever the Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Women Canada Online Sale law does not expressly prohibit, not subject to administrative organs for. Therefore, the private sector is the primary rights and infinite, whatever the law is silent, the private sector is automatically entitled to the right; Air Jordan Shoes Mens the public sector’s power is derived and limited, usually no express provision in the law, shall not enjoy the rights of public sector. Although the law does not stipulate the taxpayer’s tax

Chedaimafan closing plenary 2300 tangled Dashiyanpan policy: Eighteen the fourth will now ended

Chedaimafan closing plenary 2300 tangled Dashiyanpan policy: Eighteen the fourth will now ended, the rule of law upgrade scheme will be available; Lou Jiwei says the quality of China’s economic increase is in progress; domestic politics and Law Committee general secretary job upgraded grounds directly sharing; development and Reform Commission day group of Air Jordan Shoes Mens 8 big new investment project; policy accelerates the demand of network and storage equipment construction; measures for the supervision and administration of the Internet advertising or the introduction of electric vehicle charging equipment construction scheme; the forthcoming Shanghai into global science and technology innovation; introduction of intermediate program at the end of the year; Wenzhou city trading financial assets center this morning was formally established; according to the released in early 2014 years to pay liquidation schedule maintenance system operation, October 25th Saturday 0 8, the people’s Bank of the payment and settlement system maintenance window during the opening, micro payment system, online payment interbank clearing system and the national check image exchange system suspend accepting service, funds are not transferred. funds face: nine strong biological, Cologne refinement, Han Yu shares online purchase day; six ETF10 months of blood across the boaMens Nike Free 3.0 Grey Light Bluerd; the end of the three quarter, China’s foreign exchange reserves amounted to 3.89 trillion, compared with the two quarter of this year declined by about $100000000000; today, the central bank in the open market to continue maintaining stability. According to traders said the central bank will carry out 23 days 20000000000 14 repurchase, operation quantity unchanged from the previous period, the interest rate will also continue to equal to 3.4%; in October China ‘s manufacturing PMI preview value rose to 50.4, for a three month high, the expected value of 50.2, in August will amount to 50.2; the State Administration of foreign exchange balance of payments Secretary Guan Tao introduction the first three quarters, excluding the impact, the exchange rate factor the same below, the bank settlement grew 4%, 4% growth in sales of foreign exchange settlement and sale of foreign exchange surplus, an increase of 3%; bank Valet foreign income grew 14%, 19% growth in foreign payment, foreign payment surplus dropped 52%; today, the people’s Bank of China announced authorized China Foreign Exchange Center, the RMB against the the U.S. dollar 6.1459 reported Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Men Canada Online Sale that the previous release day October 22nd 6.1437, depreciate 22 basis points. Today the interbank foreign exchange market, the spot Nike Air Max Mens exchange rate against the dollar devaluation opened at 6.1197, 12 points. news: reports say at least 11 banks or not after the European central bank stress test; Morocco said A shares have been Kang Fuchang time bull; Airbus Company says China will become the largest shopping malls helicopter; Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice who said the first batch of Ebola vaccine will start into clinical trials in Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Canada Online Sale the next two weeks; European MEK offer emergent storm L; Asian Association of securities industry demand Shanghai Gangtong delay; domestic wind power installed capacity will reach 100000000 kilowatts; lunar exploration project will be implemented reentry experiment; Wuhan to accelerate the building the middle reaches of the Yangtze River shipping center, large shipping group Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Women Canada Online Sale training; Shandong documents supporting tire backbone enterprises; computer conference Nike Air Force Ones of Nike Air Foamposite Women China’s 23 to 25 day held conference of geographic information; international held. disk language parsing Blake Griffin Shoes The Shanghai composite index opened 2

Equipment of machinery of our country project mostly in overdrive

Equipment of machinery of our country project mostly in overdrive, the national 80% inservice engineering machinery more than shelflife. If the equipment products will be eliminated to repair, some experts Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Women Australia Online Sale predict, China engineering machinery manufacturing market scale of up to $10000000000 per year. At present the domestic engineering machinery manufacturing is Air Jordan Shoes Womens still at an early stage, which are scanty intervention, professional level is relatively low. However, in foreign countries, remanufacturing industry mature mechanism, considerable profit. According to statistics, in 1996 8 industrial areas American remanufacturing industry involved in the professional manufacturing company, and more than 73000, the production of 46 kinds of main re manufactured products, with annual sales of more than $53000000000 Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Australia Online Sale in 1996, close to American steel industry $56000000000 in annual sales. Data show that in 2002, USA remanufacturing annual output value of industry 0.4% of GDP. Remanufacturing fundamental reason can bring huge profits for enterprises is the manufacturing technology of machine parts can be reasonably used, save a lot of resources. According to statistics, the energy consumption of new manufacture 1 cars is 6 times of remanufacturing, energy consumption of new manufacturing 1 sets of automotive engine remanufacturing is 11 times the energy consumption, new mMens Nike Free 3.0 V3 Black Whiteanufacture 1 cars of the generator is 7 times of remanufacturing, energy consumption of new manufacturing 1 key parts of automotive engine remanufacturing is 2 times. Not only that, re manufacturing technology to produce the products in quality performance is not a new product than the poor performance, some even more than new products. Engineering machinery industry giant Caterpillar production of remanufactured products and new products and even use the same pricing. along with our country’s technical strength continues to mature, China manufacturing is the development from the extensive mode to the thrifty type sustainable development mode change. State of the re manufacturing industry attaches great importance to. Kobe Bryant Shoes In 2005, Nike Air Max Womens the State Council on a number of opinions to accelerate the development of circular economy in put forward clearly support the development of remanufacturing, the first batch of circular economy pilot will re manufacturing as a key field. In 2009 January the implementation of the Circular Economy Promotion Law will be re manufacturing into the orbit of the legal system. In September 14, 2011, the national development and Reform Commission issued the notice on deepening the Pilot Remanufacturing, expand the remanufacturing type and range of products, and Glow in the Dark Jordan Men strengthen support. At the same time, preferential tax policies for the national development and Reform Commission will work with the Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Men Australia Online Sale relevant departments of the corresponding. In recent years, the continuous introduction of Jordan Nubuck Men relevant policies to ensure the healthy and orderly development of remanufacturing industry. But compared with foreign mature manufacturing industry, our country still has some problems to be solved. First of all, engineering machinery manufacturing because in the initial stage of development, the national policy is not perfect; second, re manufacturing industry standards in the country is still a blank; thirdly, domestic users widespread rejection psychology of remanufactured products, the need for re manufacturing industry advocacy guide. although the remanufacturing of domestic construction machinery Blake Griffin Shoes industry also has many problems, but the policy support and huge profits, has attracted the attention of the giant mechanical engineering industry. Believe that, after several years of development, engineering machinery and a hot re manufacturing will become the industry competition.