knife horse got on an elevator

knife horse got on an elevator, the elevator in the building to see the ads posted a Liu Laogen big stage uncle to our Gala performance, it seems that Errenzhuan stage continue to civil into the ah. Then came the video web site to find points of Errenzhuan have a look, accidentally saw Jingdong mobile Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 UK Online Sale phone QQ shopping in in the implantation of marketing, the Jingdong really bold. Nike Free Run 3 Now the marketing means and methods have Lebron James Shoes become more diversified, that our market is more and more open, inclusive of larger and more broad, and then think of the just concluded Chinajoy Chinese International Digital Entertainment Expo large scale Showgirl display, is actually in the marketing. Regardless of the game or to the people, the characteristics of the Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Women UK Online Sale marketing is to grasp the different market demand. electric marketing of regional characteristics of is important QQ Jingdong mobile phone shopping launched very down to earth line activities in Tieling, in the goddess to the countryside to send seed experience activities, a bMens WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Orange Deep Blueold attempt by power released Jingdong mobile Nike Flex Experience RN phone QQ shopping information. So why Jingdong to choose this kind of marketing? is actually very simple, and the men in the Northeast popular, popular wisdom and intelligence in this manner, the gag comedy means can Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Men UK Online Sale quickly drive popularity and attract attention, it is an atmosphere of marketing needs. Jingdong proper selection of Errenzhuan marketing mode, although it is tried, but can also be seen on the market understanding is in place. for different regions and markets, use different means of marketing to stimulate the user attention has become a kind of choice for businesses. In the past we see are the unification of the marketing campaign, for example, to set up the stage, singing, looking for some models walk around the field, and later began to participate in the prize to stimulate the user attention. whether merchants propaganda through what means and methods, the main concern is the user first, and then to gradually show you want to show the contents and demands, which is the most basic marketing place, first find popularity, then go to the market, and finally the product. And the men turn out of the first is the lively scene, then is the activity Glow in the Dark Jordan Men of stimulation, Rangli concessions, to attract users to stop participating in the. marketing mix mode is a kind of wave now we see marketing, whether Nike Air Max Women entity shop Nike Max 90 Current Moire or mobile internet terminal, are trying different means mashups. Small convenience stores have displayed brush twodimensional code send certain herbal tea advertising, broadcast. Therefore, a variety of means to attract people can try into the marketing means. why? The reason is that the with popular have repeat customers, the first one recruit, natural is the temptation to

November 14th PM

November 14th PM, millet company’s office is located in Wangjing held a small media of communication, will be officially millet box is put in front of everyone. Lei Jun will millet box release called The communication, Lei Jun did not mention STB one word, he gave the definition of millet box just a mobile phone accessories. in accordance with the Lei Jun says, millet box is by far the most have a Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 UK Online Sale fever of mobile phone accessories, while the settop box is not a simple mobile phone still Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Women UK Online Sale is the core of millet invariant. box, the leading or supporting role? Soon millet box after the official release, Lei Jun in the unable to hold oneself back for new product qualitative: today released a ‘work’ products: millet box. Lebron James Shoes This is for the first time since the founding of millet Lei Jun, hardware product line from mobile phone to expand to other areas. but the three talk shop, millet box with meaning still rooted in Nike Free Run 3 the millet mobile phone. I think that five or six years ago, the mobile phone will replace the computer become people the most commonly used terminal, television wiMens WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Deep Blue Yellowll become the mobile phone display. From this point of view, millet box is the most important link to realize this idea, the most important is mobile phone accessories, Lei Jun says. His idea is , hope to enrich the content of the millet box into the home TV screen, many applications for the smart phone will replace Glow in the Dark Jordan Men the PC, TV set as the terminal equipment of the family the most important, millet box can be connected to a smart phone and more interactive tv. but as parts of millet box is really a supporting role? is known to all, Lei Jun millet kingdom is mainly composed of three divisions: millet mobile phone, m chat and MIUI, the primary relationship between the three has been widely discussed, but now the situation is sticking the relationship between the three has not easily broken: the phone is the most bottom, MIUI is the intermediate transition layer, m chat it is the top. But the current industry chain of the most unstable Nike Flex Experience RN top millet. Data show that in the micro channel under the impact of the number of active users, m talking a noticeable decline. Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Men UK Online Sale In May this year, Lei Jun disclosed, m chat active user number 13000000, still largely thanks to brother Xiaomi phone user product, the latter in Chengdu is nine meters chat active users. analysts believe that because of this millet to need to expand Nike Max 90 Current Moire the bottom more broad, more content to stack top, bring the user. The settop box is a good choice. The existence of mobile phone accessories as fever, millet box can be mobile and smart TV, provide massive video and content, and through the bottom to the top of the chain. fact, get through the whole chain of ideas is not started in millet. Prior to this, Lenovo and other traditional IT Nike Air Max Women vendors have launched smart TV, and realize the connection with the mobile phone, PC, but the difference is the association chain relatively flat, terminal compatibility problems, the content is relatively scarce; and another try from the music network, the music

the chairman of the board of directors Alibaba report to Premier Wen Jiabao

2010 June, the chairman of the board of directors Alibaba report to Premier Wen Jiabao, said, we firmly believe that the game can change China, Chinese is originally the onechild families, the children play the game, how to do in the future? So we don’t have a cent investment game. They voted, we clapped our hands, but we do not, this is one of our principles. In addition, had publicly starvation does not play games. publicly in March after Ali Mobile Games, some investors said, Ma Yun was not a game? What made Nike Max 90 Current Moire you change your mind? For Ma promise to do the game view, Ali said is not accurate. Ali to explain the relevant person in charge said, Alibaba launched the only mobile phone gaming platform, in order to better meet consumer demand in the mobile Internet era, and not as outsiders predicted its investment, the development of a game. ‘s early rumors about Ali Games was in 2013 October, the CSDN editor in Nike Flex Experience RN chief Liu Glow in the Dark Jordan Men Jiang in the certification of microblog revealed, Ma Yun will say Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Women UK Online Sale to enter the game will be in a small communication, inWomens WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Orange Black White direct competition with. Ali official has no response. after this, the message says, Ma Yun and very good personal relationship and the giant network will be developed in cooperation Mobile Games. At that time, both sides said that this knowledge. at present, BAT, Ali, Tencent three Nike Air Max Women giants are already have their own tour platform, with micro letter, 91 and Nike Free Run 3 other products to establish channels. Particularly, the earliest to enter the game industry. In September last year the mobile Internet Lebron James Shoes investment conference, Tencent industry fund executive director Li Zhaohui said, Tencent will accelerate the mobile gaming investment layout, compared to before the investment practices, will be more focus on early stage investment. according to the hit group report, the third quarter of 2013, become the new M amp; a high incidence in the mobile Internet industry tour. In addition to the main business of the game, media, IT industry enterprises have also joined the ranks of M amp; a tour. For example, Huayi Brothers to price of 672000000 yuan to buy 50.88% stake in Galaxy Science and technology; zhangqu technology announced plans to buy mobile game developers to 1800000000 yuan to play the crab technology. And the green treasure, Phoenix media, Ultrapower, day boat culture are involved in the tour assets investment and mergers and acquisitions. the promise gangster Ma Yun would never do logistics insisted that Ma Yunceng, Ali and Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 UK Online Sale Taobao will never do logistics. In 2010 June the formal launch of Taobao, Taobao logistics plan, including logistics partner system Taobao logistics platform, treasure, and logistics service standard system and other three pieces of content. 2013 January, Alibaba rookie network plan. Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Men UK Online Sale Ali group announced that has been associated with the enterprise logistics, capital and financial institutions jointly set up the China to finalize the intelligent logistics network. The first phase investment of 100000000000, after 810 years, the network will be able to support the daily average of 30000000000 net

9 month 26 days

9 month 26 days, YEEPAY president and cofounder said in an interview, Air Jordan Shoes Mens Apple’s influence will make NFC near field communication technology became the scene very important applications, but there will still be the coexistence of various methods of payment. Apple Pay will not take all the payment industry In early 9, Apple announced its latest Apple Pay payment system, the system supports the NFC payment technology, will be one by the advent of attracting the attention of the whole world. For Apple Pay, Yu Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice Chen that Apple’s influence will enable it to obtain Nike Air Max Mens a certain degree of market acceptance, NFC payment will become a scene very important applications, especially in the retail scene will get more application. Yu Chen also pointed Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Canada Online Sale out, pay the scene demand is diverse, even pay the most successful popular in Japan and South Korea in the NFC, it also be used mainly in convenience stores, bus payment scene, not winner take all of the scene, we will still see a variety of payment coexist. industry greater imagination Yu Chen saiWomens Nike Free 5.0 Gray Black Yellowd, we are experiencing the second wave of the Internet, in this tide, the Internet is reshaping all traditional industries, the socalled Internet industry. The first wave of Internet is on the Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Men Canada Online Sale rise by the world wide web and popularization in Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Women Canada Online Sale the 90’s, with the virtual information service such as mail, portals, Nike Air Force Ones search; and the second wave is with the mobile Internet, intelligent terminal, Internet of things IOT and the rise of O2O, the influence of the Internet by the line extending to the line, extending from the virtual economy to the real economy, extending from the IT industry to the traditional industry, change our basic necessities of life and life service restaurants, taxi etc.. Yu Chen believes that the second wave of electronic payment means, not only in the service of electronic commerce or to pay, but also can serve all down the line of traditional industry, traditional industry trade below the line is twenty times the size of the line, with a greater market potential, electronic electronic payment can also be through the flow of funds to promote electronic all traditional industries. The following is a memoir of special interview: Blake Griffin Shoes reporter: Mobile Internet to YeePay what brought? mobile is the Nike Air Foamposite Women bridge between online and offline, mobile payment YeePay strategy is one of the most important. Mobile Internet makes payment can occur anywhere and anytime, to consumers brought great convenience, on the other hand, because the mobile phone has gradually become the identity and authentication tools, tell from some kind of meaning can become more secure mobile payment. In the traditional payment, security and convenience are often incompatible. Yi Bao pays one click payment can be widely applied to mobile phone games, air travel reservation, mobile commerce, O2O service and many other scenes; YeePay blue

In September landing NYSE obtain higher international reputation

In September landing NYSE obtain higher international reputation, after the listing of the first double 11 natural will as a key force direction. 13 journalists from Alibaba aspects to understand, this year double 11 will and Tmall, poly costeffective, Tmall international, aliexpress platform such as dance, the expansion of 1500000 courier security logistics and distribution, and try a number of first, such as the first in the foreign service is established for the first time arrangement, storage center in foreign countries. besides aliexpress, Tmall international crossborder transactions looked outside, mobile terminal is also the theme of this year’s double 11 one of the. Reportedly, this year the user sees in a mobile phone screen double 11 interface will have 30%40% do personalized presentation, provide different content depending on the user consumption data. reporter discovery, this year double 11 another significant change is introduced for the first time, as well as YOKA fashion media, fashion designers such as to provide consumers with fashion services, and let gravity tends more brands, to coincide with the brand strategy Tmall are Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Canada Online Sale proposed not long ago. The first set of servWomens Nike Free 5.0 Orange Red Whiteer Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice overseas with the previous double 11 to Tmall platform sings leading role, this year will add Taobao, poly costeffective, Tmall international, aliexpress platform dance. Among them, aliexpress and lynx international, an export, a imports, particularly by the outside looking. listed in Ali had told the media that will not be listed financial to money back Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Women Canada Online Sale home to spend, will be the focus in the future direction. reporter learned that, in Ali road shows, many investors put forward double 11 when will the visible this year double 11 will be the of Ali a concentrated training. last year double 11 lynx suffered its 35000000000 yuan sales record. How much is this Blake Griffin Shoes year’s goals, naturally become the topic that people care about. This year will certainly be more than last year. Lynx vice president, Alibaba group responsible person Wang Yulei in 13 media communication meeting said, but did not give specific sales Air Jordan Shoes Mens forecast. Nike Air Max Mens interesting is, outside each year according to Ali for double 11 to prepare the bandwidth scale to predict sales technical support. But Wang Yulei this year on the bandwidth standard Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Men Canada Online Sale revealed is quite careful, did not disclose the specific scale, said only this year to prepare the bandwidth scale than in previous years, and Nike Air Foamposite Women the first time in overseas countries distribution server. in addition to the technical support, the overseas logistics is Ali this double 11 preparing for the one of the key. Electric observer Lu Zhenwang Nike Air Force Ones says when accepting a reporter to interview, whether to establish a mature overseas supply chain and logistics system, is one of the key factors determine the success or failure of the crossborder business. The reporter understands, Alibaba had overseas logistics to cooperate mainly, such as cooperation with Singapore, Brazil post. This year double 11, Alibaba abroad for the first time self storage center, will grasp more in the overseas logistics system

10 month 12 days message

10 month 12 days message, according to foreign media reports, as everyone knows, the Wall Street journal reported that recently, the Amazon in New York to be Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice prosperous in Manhattan island in Air Jordan Shoes Mens the West 34 Street No. 7 opened the first retail store. From the development trend of the traditional retail industry point of view, the case beyond count by offline retail store into the online electric field from the original, but with the market leading advantage of the online electric field into the line, is very rare, and Amazon as American major online trading platform, online out why try? The current domestic and the prevalence of O2O, the traditional industries are Internet electric reform ideas under the line of thinking will have different approaches but equally satisfactory results in common? Amazon exactly what is the market position in the American? in 2010 and 2011 respectively occupy USA Amazon ecommerce transaction volume of 13.75% and 18.47%, the last two years of the Amazon USA retail transaction volume accounted for the proportion of less than 1%. If we assume that the growth rate of 3% a year over the next ten years America retWomens Nike Free 5.0 Grey Orangeail transactions, Amason plays American retail trading volumes in the ten years after 5% years. Amazon occupies the ecommerce market in 2010 and 2011 International share of respectively 5.26% and 6.49%. Amazon created soon began to expand its international business, at present from the international portion of income accounted for almost half of total revenues, and this proportion is Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Men Canada Online Sale increasing gradually. visible, Amason is tight in the first place in the domestic electricity market, to occupy the domestic market share of more than 15 business, and international business is occupied than Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Canada Online Sale are gradually expanding. why would expand the entity store online? first, the United States business environment and the domestic customers and the market exists great difference. The United States in the retail trade, more is achieved through traditional retailers, it is based on the WALMART, best buy, Krogh line under the traditional trade retailers to realize to the residents of the daily retail consumer satisfaction. Relatively speaking, electric business mode in the Amazon as the representative of the United States Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Women Canada Online Sale accounted for in the retail market share is not large, although it Nike Air Foamposite Women has also made rapid development speed, but at the same time the development of traditional retailers also should not be ignored. Nike Air Max Mens one is dependent on American consumers on habitual shopping traditional line, because the United States city and population is relatively concentrated, distributed star like Chinese population, geography, so large business focused ultra and line shops can well satisfy the local consumer demand, especially with most traditional retailers in the United States to expand the line service outlets, and constantly improve the auxiliary electric service line, thus providing multichannel perfect shopping way, makes the Amazon and pure electric business platform is the great pressure of market competition. For example, the United States announced the 500 strong B2C electronic Business Company ranking has been updated, Blake Griffin Shoes Amazon, Staples, apple Nike Air Force Ones three companies respectively occupy the top three. In 2011 compared with 2010, ranking rose the most is Netfix, M

is closely Chinese old neighbor Mongolia country

is closely Chinese old neighbor Mongolia country, originally belonging to the God’s favored one Gen Gi Khan’s descendants, they are very familiar with the bow and the sword, Ishi Maho and so on hard Cheap Nike Free 6.0 Men Australia Online Sale weapon. No wonder the mid thirteenth Century, gained a world reputation of the Mongolia cavalry, killed in The Danube basin of West Europe, not only occupied Hungary, also near the music city Vienna. The winter of 1924, the Mongols had in the Soviet political leader under the temptation, pull up the people’s Republic of Mongolia banner. In this regard, the Chinese people shocked. To sign the militant Mongols, why singing be deserted by one’s followers below: beautiful Mongolia country girl. Let’s have a look Mongols extant hometown of Cheap Nike Free 6.0 Australia Online Sale bottom, in addition to the Mongolia cavalry, in addition to Gen Gi Khan and his descendants in the battlefield, now, Mongolia country in hand inventory, indeed quite poor. In addition to metal deposits, coal and other consonance talent, Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Women Australia Online Sale landlocked country in the world vast territory, eveWomens Nike Free 5.0 V4 Light Redn the exploitation of natural mineral ability dig out. With much land and few people in Mongolia, a total area of 1655000 square kilometers, all of the population was 2900000, of which more than half, the proportion of women, the female male few phenomenon, which is extremely rare in Asian countries, therefore, appeared in the Mongolia women are more difficult to marry scene. Be honest, Mongolia’s population growth rate is relatively low, probably in 2018, the country’s population to reach 3000000 it can be said that, the local number of men and women, is too small. below: the happiness life of Mongolia citizens. is interesting, the Mongols also seems to know what is called the humor, some of the local media, had the idea put forward, a husband and wife or wives two. Some have even suggested that the Mongolia Jordan Nubuck Men legislature, by law, similar so since the entire Mongolia to think, two female or a few females total wait on one man, can the world peace. Unfortunately, this idea is tantamount to ganoderma lucidum grass born, really praise and the implementation of the figures, I am afraid less and less. Can you ask? Mongolia’s female male few, if the law has also jumped to chime in, I’m afraid close relatives or relatives wedding busy things, it may run the streets. Glow in the Dark Jordan Men in single mothers, many are Nike Air Max Womens university Kobe Bryant Shoes graduates, they are not cannot find a husband, but did not find a suitable husband. Many people want to keep the independence, does not want to be tied down. They can find lover, child, but not married. In Mongolia, women do not Air Jordan Shoes Womens marry, Blake Griffin Shoes at her mother’s children, but he became quite a normal thing. Through to the end, I am afraid no one has been around, or no connections to chew the tongue, of course, more

Lei Jun accept DST boss Yuri to his challenge

Lei Jun accept DST boss Yuri to his challenge, complete the ice bucket after the challenge, he named Andy Lau, Robin Li, Terry Gou accepted the challenge. Terry Gou said this afternoon to Blake Griffin Shoes see. After a mobile phone with founder Liu Zuohu to complete the ice challenge, and claiming to Chinese Internet first to accomplish this challenge, and he named Qihoo 360 CEO Zhou Hong?, hammer technology CEO Luo Yonghao, President of Department of business of Huawei glory Liu Jiangfeng participate in the challenge. Ice Challenge called ALS Ice Challenge ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, participants were asked to publish on the web itself is ice water poured over the body of the video content, and then the participants can ask Nike Air Max Womens other people to participate in this activity. The rules, by invitation or accept the challenge in 24 hours, or choose to donate $100 to fight amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. This activity is designed to let more people know is called a rare disease gradually frozen people, but also to raise money to help the treatment purpose. At Jordan Nubuck Men present, ALS Ice Challenge in the national science and technology mogul, occupation athletes swept. This activity by former BostonCollege baseball Kobe Bryant Shoes player Pete Frates, at the end of 7 to start. thiWomens Nike Free 5.0 V4 Grey Pinks is a very interesting thing, somewhat similar to self Tucao, similar Air Jordan Shoes Womens to achieve through self black entertainment purpose of others. To his body doused with a stab of ice water, even in the summer also is not Glow in the Dark Jordan Men a very pleasant thing, but it is through this innocuous self loss make a fundraising activities into a nationwide movement. Up to now, there are many celebrities participated in this project, Bill? Gates, Tim? Cook, Mark? Zuckerberg, Lebron? James, Pepo Robert Donny, Sheldon and others have a positive response, the current donations had reached $11400000. From the donation amount of view is not a very big number, a lot of people above to participate in Cheap Nike Free 6.0 Australia Online Sale the activities of donations in the annual charity is far more than this number, but it Cheap Nike Free 6.0 Men Australia Online Sale is through social media spread very widely a fundraising event, over the wall looked at Twitter, a large number of Toutube ice challenge, not only a star, also a large number of ordinary people, a lot of people in the water after also provides donor. The design of the Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Women Australia Online Sale past charity fundraising activities, fundraising party is one of the most important choice, it could be in a night event fundraising chunk of money, at the same time the party dozens of media invited as a disseminator, let the payer name. The strict sense this is a deal, is to pay cost and get praised the deal. Transactions involving must be the actions of a few, limited space, space is limited, the Auction Co., so the donation activities must choose to bring more of the synergistic effect, behind these people is money and popularity. But this is not self propagation, capable of forming self communication, multicast is still called autobiography in two level communication can actively participate in communication, and weighted the communication content and effect. Ice bucket interesting is that everyone is spread, each participation not only their own

2006 he leap years on the rule of law and reform of 20141028 In October 27th 2014

2006 Blake Griffin Shoes he leap years on the rule of law and reform of 20141028 In October 27th 2014, chaired the central comprehensive reform leading group of the sixth meeting and delivered an important speech. pointed out, scientific legislation is an important link of processing reform and law relations. In order to realize the legislation and reform decision are connected, do a major reform of the observed according to law, legislative initiative to adapt to the reform and development. In the reform programme of Cheap Nike Free 6.0 Australia Online Sale research and reform measures, to consider legislation reform involves synchronization problems, timely put forward the legislative demands and suggestions. Practice has proved effective, want to rise for the law. The practical conditions are not ripe, need to pilot, to make the authorization in accordance with statutory procedures. To not adapt to the laws and regulations reform requirements, timely amendment and repeal. To strengthen the legal interpretation work, timely clear legal provisions the meaning and legal basis. To put forward the party’s eighteen session of the Glow in the Dark Jordan Men Fourth Plenary Session of the 180 number of rule of law reform measures has important signifWomens Nike Free 5.0 V4 Greenicance in general ledger, into the task of reform, development, deployment, Nike Air Max Womens implementation of integrated development of supervision. will now I published in 2006 August theory and practice tax planning and 2008 September published tax planning theory and practice Second Edition about the rule of law and the reform of expression, text extract is as follows: avoidance is the conflict between law and truth one Kobe Bryant Shoes embodiment in the field of tax law, the behavior of a direct role in the human truth, and direct effect on the law. People should behave in accordance with the law, and the law should conform to the human nature’s law. Rule of law is not only the standard [1] private sector and Jordan Nubuck Men people’s behavior, is more important to standardize the public departments and officials’ behavior. The rule of law is Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Women Australia Online Sale not only the people to obey the law, more important is to keep the physical method. [2] law should maximize the approximation of the truth, the reasonable behavior legalization, the irrational behavior of illegal. The law further from the truth, shows that the Cheap Nike Free 6.0 Men Australia Online Sale defects of law is more big, to Air Jordan Shoes Womens the law of the more urgent repair. Tax avoidance is essentially irrational behavior has put on the cloak of legitimacy, therefore, anti tax avoidance is to be unreasonable violations of. Tax avoidance legal but unreasonable, should be protected by law, but should complement, make laws, plug the loopholes. Violation of the unreasonable tax law, reasonable but illegal, should be punished by law, but should amend, repeal the law, the demolition of the wall. As shown in the following table: [1] The 1.4 truth table to the direct effect of law reference [1] new leap. Theory and practice of tax [M]. Southwestern University of Finance and Economics press, 2006.08 [2] new leap. The theory and practice of tax Second Edition [M]. Southwestern University of Finance and Economics press, 2008.09

[] Chinese management network comprehensive report in April 10th

[] Chinese management network comprehensive report in April 10th, Chinese Insurance Industry Association, Chinese Auto Repair Association jointly issued the Air Jordan Shoes Womens domestic common models than the research results of the whole coefficient in Beijing, the first disclosure of 18 common models of the whole vehicle accessories than and 50 vulnerable parts whole than two important coefficient. The study found that, on the whole than the coefficient of vehicle accessories, 18 models in the highest coefficient is 1273%, the lowest was 272%, the highest value is 4.7 times the minimum value. called the whole than, as the Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Women Australia Online Sale name suggests is the ratio of parts and vehicle sales price, namely the market price of all parts of the vehicle and vehicle sales price ratio. The most popular understanding, is the coefficient of 1273% models, if the replacement of all parts, cost can buy 12 new car. two association data show Nike Air Max Womens that the maintenance of price differences between Jordan Nubuck Men the different automobile brands, models of the large, especially in the same price in the Glow in the Dark Jordan Men region, the same parts in various types of vehicle, Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Australia Online Sale the same functional parts of the huge price differenWomens Nike Free 5.0 Fluorescence Greyces, and accessories price directly determines the level of the maintenance cost, even if the new car price is the same, if consumers buy Blake Griffin Shoes the whole higher than the coefficient of the models, it means that the subsequent use of the process may be required to pay the maintenance costs are relatively high. so, what is the reason of China’s auto industry zero proportional under the abnormal high? According to Reuters, 2011 March 11 earthquake in Japan, due to a shortage of Japanese auto parts, German car enterprises once had to stop production, because the production of these parts production enterprises, causing global micro chip, engine control, ABS, airbags and other key parts supply nervous system. When an American institutions predict that the Japanese earthquake Kobe Bryant Shoes caused parts shortage will make the global auto industry to cut production by about 30%. Automotive News published in 2013 the global auto Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Men Australia Online Sale parts suppliers top 100 list end, Japanese enterprises occupy 29, the United States and Germany respectively 25 and 21 in the list, only a china. Japan has powerful auto parts industry in the field of electronic component, the use of a large number of automobile products, electronic industry developed in Japanese electronic chip, the production of components in the global monopoly status, firmly core auto parts market high valueadded controlled semiconductor, integrated circuit etc In addition, in the automobile industry of the socalled after market, such as vehicle electronic system, display and so on, are basically Japanese products unified world situation. and China on the Japanese car parts a high degree of dependence, in 2013 China’s auto parts imports from Japan for $9580000000, imports amounted to 27%, while the auto parts import a lower than in Germany, but Japan’s core manufacturing technology has obvious advantages, remove the effects of yen depreciation effect, gearbox and clutch import proportion reached 45%, brake imports accounted for 33%, the core of zero