Compared to and the East elder brother sex scandal of milk tea MM

Compared to and the East elder brother sex scandal of milk tea MM, Ma Jia is the level of attention Nike Air Max Mens is more and more big, but to and east of the buried construction Internet platform system of comparison, endorsement of Internet thinking after 90 Ma Jia farewell marketing, by Taiwan tuyere winds also blow up. horse Allison is certainly worth a certain from a college entrance exam media university graduate, open adult erotic shop near the school, to be CEIBS and Vanke Group invited to lecture, to now speak Phoenix News client has more powerful PR power fuel, Ma Jia would not fire don’t can’t. Zhang Mengning’s Ma Jia this one brand image, I believe more than expected her marketing effect, regardless of the Ma Jia Jia future will to entertainment star status and then attacked, as the horse Jiajia marketing based pow erful fun experience shop will as Cassandras said, by Ma Allison personal brand of negative effects fade out people’s vision, Ma Jia event marketing experiment of Zhang Mengning early to get a lot of the crossborder returns, a worthwhile trip. at the beginning of the year, each big portal channels and new mWomens Air Jordan 4 AAA Anti Fur Black Gray Rededia had bombarded a horse Allison, wrote Ma Jiajia, why are there many supporters? I firmly believe that no matter, Cheap Air Jordan Shoes Women Canada Online Sale because bad mouthing or sing a good horse Allison cause, Ma Cheap Womens Air Jordan Flight Canada Online Sale Jia Jia’s marketing effect can only get better, always don’t want to sound support degree, or belittle dismount allison. as currently also to talk about Ma Jia interest shop sparsely too boring, support or disparage Ma Jiajia also become meaningless. The shape of Zhang Mengning’s Ma Jia Jia, can obtain today such result, Blake Griffin Shoes and could have made such a big marketing in the entertainment circle, media, Internet business circle, really can not be copied. Seize the opportunity, and gathered a group of Nike Air Force Ones influential fans with the alternative behavior, precise combination of entertainment, Internet business circles and in the media circle three circle in common, can realize the crossborder development Ma Jia Jia, is worthy of recognition. but these certainly most can only be partial to marketing, Communication University of China humanities attribute is partial to Zhang Mengning graduated, be labelled 90 spokesperson and Internet thinking Spokesperson Ma Jia Jia, crossborder return rich, marketing effect of company products might be able to move up to the next grade, made when it comes to Ma Jia Jia’s Internet business success can only be reduced to the the joke, and the system is Ma Jiajia, the development of mishap He Nike Air Foamposite Women Chang marketing star. doesn’t get built system of Internet thinking strong wind horse Allison Ma Jia is a graduate of Communication University of China, fiery behind Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice also has revealed she has abundant marketing experience, University of rich rumors in the internship Cheap Jordan Aero Flight Women Canada Online Sale experience is not of news sensitivity, from Air Jordan Shoes Mens the present marketing star who reject. as an already for skilled operation new media event marketing people, Ma Allison for information sharp

11 month 5 days

11 month 5 days, organized by the double 4G ahead of a planned industrial Nike Air Foamposite Women chain of highend summit in Chengdu, a highprofile proposed in 2015 4G terminal sales target is 100000000, the realization of 4G terminal market three minutes of the world have one. said three minutes of the world have one the target, moving in the license issued initially put forward. From the get bad cards to successfully counterattack, to reach this goal, it took almost 3 years. But the current Unicom, the 4G market is not dominant case, put forward to realize this goal in 1 years time, the sense that gives a person is the flicker of the majority component. cannot be denied, 4G development speed is Nike Air Max Mens much faster than 3G development. Such as moving in more than a year, the construction of about 500000 4G base stations, equivalent to the total volume of 3G base station construction of 5 years. Analog down, says 4G development speed is 3 times 3G development speed, too. Nevertheless, I reach for Unicom 4G sales target is still not optimistic. Achieve 3G terminal three minutes of the world mobile is a target, pre and post to these advantages, China Unicom has no. 1, mobile has large scale Womens Air Jordan 4.5 Black Blue Greenis the basis of mobile users. According to the three public data, as of 2009 1 at the end of the month, the mobile user number 464000000 households, the total market share of mobile users was 74%. The development of new 3G users, in part by developing new markets, part of it is from the 2G user migration. For the migration user, retain the original number accounted for the majority of. So, Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice even get to abuse of cards, mobile Air Jordan Shoes Mens rest on its laurels in a certain period of time, to seize the stock of the user, still had the very big development space. 2, largescale resource input is the key to the development of mobile. Since the beginning of 2009, mobile sales in the terminal on the cost of the investment is increasing continuously. Even in the terminal market share has Cheap Air Jordan Shoes Women Canada Online Sale more than the other two in 2013, is still a big input. From the three operators in 2013 earnings can be seen, mobile sales costs 91800000000 yuan, 2.1 times 1.3 times in China Unicom, telecom. It is this massive investment in resources, to continue to strengthen the TD terminal of the industrial chain of confidence, increasing of companies to join the TD camp, forming a virtuous cycle. 3, TD terminal R amp; D has a cost advantage, is an extremely important factor. Because TDSCDMA technology with independent intellectual property rights, Nike Air Force Ones in the TD Blake Griffin Shoes terminal development, relative to other systems, can save about 5% of the cost of a patent. This is beneficial to the development of small and mediumsized firms are extremely concerned about the cost, in the lowend product scale. TD terminal manufacturers in 2009 from the more than 100 home to more than 400 in 2013, the Ministry of industry through the TD terminal network from 100 in 2009 to 1000 in 2013 the balance of the balance, the TD industry prosperity and development, small and mediumsized manufacturers and lowend product is the main. Cheap Jordan Aero Flight Women Canada Online Sale 4, the mobile terminal professional operation, is the booster of terminal development. In 2011, the Cheap Womens Air Jordan Flight Canada Online Sale establishment of the company through the mobile terminal, modular, city

Upgrade with carry Cheng to book business and in the competition of the hotel industry

Upgrade with Nike Air Force Ones carry Cheng to book business and in the competition of the hotel industry, the two sides once again triggered the dispute, as and where to get promotions encounter Ctrip boycott, CITIC Ningbo International Hotel, century Jin Yuan 16 five Stars Hotel announced unified from carry Cheng next frame. where said, recently joined the million car travel and Tourism Bureau of Ningbo in the local common introduced preferential activities, that is 198 yuan in the Ningbo 16 five Stars Hotel, Ctrip after hearing the news announced that it will participate in the activities of CITIC International, Jin Yuanda and other 4 century hotel hotel products off the shelf, the results led to 16 hotels in Ningbo active the next frame to resist. at present, the Nike Air Foamposite Women entire city of Ningbo has a total of 19 five Stars Hotel, the intercontinental, Sheraton Hotel ShangriLa, such as Za, has been the emergence of pile up in excess of requirement of Blake Griffin Shoes the situation, Ningbo highend hotel especially holiday hotel will be offseason availability, the peak season prices doubling phenomenon. hotel owners said, Cheap Air Jordan Shoes Women Canada Online Sale after signing cooperation terms and Ctrip, if the promotion of hotel and other third partiWomens Glow in the Dark Jordan 4 Gray Black Greenes, Ctrip will stop or demanding the same preferential price. and in September 9th, Ctrip has officially the hotel’s products from where to search platform frame. Reasons for the next frame, Ctrip said, where to go through the registration Ma3 jia3 agents on their own Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice direct hotel through technical means giving and priority ordering more exposed, contrary to fair competition, these agents business service hotline are where to Cheap Womens Air Jordan Flight Canada Online Sale go to net customer service and complaint hotline 1101234. this, where to go to insiders also denied, said agents vest does not exist in SaaS platform, in order to unified supervision and aftersales service complaints, customer service hotline SaaS platform agents are centralized treatment by where to go. for where to go, and Ctrip’s competition in the future more lies in the mobile terminal, and mobile terminal is not suitable for traditional PC page Jump mode, so where to have to pay more attention to the development of TTS platform, maintain high investment sales and marketing fees this year, direct sign related business hotel, development is rapid, but the second quarter losses reached 422000000 yuan. According to the latest second quarter 2014 earnings, where to Air Jordan Shoes Mens go to net signing up new hotel quantity 7.2, the network covered the hotel direct volume growth of 77%, reached 16.5 of the hotel. online travel industry, hotel is currently the most profitable areas, business revenue from hotel reservations, according Cheap Jordan Aero Flight Women Canada Online Sale to data Nike Air Max Mens released two quarter, carry Cheng at present still has a substantial lead. Analysis of powerful force advisory CEO Wei Changren said that unlike carry Cheng and art dragon is the most direct sign, where to go to net inn, bed and breakfast hotel is in the lowend hotels, these hotels products because of low commissions, resulting in where to go to net although Hotel contract number, but the income is the lowest. The where to permeate to the fivestar hotel market in Ningbo and other regions, it means that where will expand the market share of their investment and the reservation in the highend hotel, predictably, articles

9 month 18 days

9 month 18 days, Jingdong official microblog issued a top 10 line under torture to buy home Cheap Womens Jordan 5 AAA Australia Online Sale appliances, all kinds of trouble and problems emerge in its totality with cartoon form line to Jordan Nubuck Men buy home appliances. In the Cheap Womens Jordan 5 Nubuck Australia Online Sale comic book X Ning, X beauty at Suning, Gome, the smell of gunpowder. Jingdong is obviously well prepared, ten torture lists nine trouble line buy appliances torture, tenth torture was to let the user to focus on the Jingdong Micro message to receive red envelopes. In nine trouble trouble, return, seemingly to save money but failed to get out the door and found parking stickers, buy appliances being trampled, because of the traffic jam is urine to death and so on to store the subway, these scenes seemed so familiar, humour and satirical flavor, a lot of inconvenience attack directly below the line to buy home appliances, also hit the user’s pain point. this is an behavior, Glow in the Dark Jordan Men because the first half of the year Gome online tried several times to provoke and Jingdong war, but nothing came of it, why Jingdong this initiative Gome and Suning? In fact, the mystery is the time node. ThWomens Jordan 5 Nubuck Dark Bluee eleven National Day Golden Week approaches, this holiday is often below the line of home appliances stores in prime time, Nike Air Max Womens but also business offseason. Beijing east the initiative, and shouted liberation eleven slogan in September 22nd, apparently hoping Kobe Bryant Shoes to provoke offline store, to achieve publicity for their own purposes. interestingly, Jingdong this and Gome and Suning war, adopted a clever way. Neither like in 2012 815 as a direct declaration of war, no unilateral advertise their price advantage, but to buy home appliances from the line of the inconvenience, to influence the user’s habits. This is a very clever tricks, because Jingdong challenge Blake Griffin Shoes line, subvert the line is not a purpose, the real purpose or hope will users pull to line up, want to change the user during the holiday shopping line appliance stores habit. when the user see these Cheap Womens Air Jordan 4 AAA Australia Online Sale ten torture, more or less will affect its to go offline appliance stores mood, maybe when they are ready to drive to the store below the line, will remember is Piss scene and down, just a little mouse to Jingdong shopping? do have a big background, it is now the user shopping becomes more sensitive, impulse. If a few years ago people also like to find the lowest price, price shopping place, then as people life rhythm accelerate, and the promotion of income, the user’s price sensitivity is greatly reduced. Their shopping is often emotional defeat reason. At this time, playing the price war has not much effect, but is this kind of empathy, in the position to tell the user with scene stories don’t Air Jordan Shoes Womens line, buy appliances, there are too many inconvenient, implied meaning is: why not at home waiting for delivery? the past 815, Jingdong and Suning price war still let us remember. In the past two years, Jingdong has been hard to benefit the internal organs, both supplier relationship, or logistics coverage are not. In more than two years later, Jingdong again initiative to Su Ning and country hairdressing challenge, in fact also represents the line on the line

the third party consulting company of Ai Rui releases in 2013 China Internet enterprise revenue TOP100 list

recently, the third party Kobe Bryant Shoes consulting company of Ai Rui releases in 2013 China Internet enterprise revenue TOP100 list, let a lot of people exceeding one’s expectations is Chinese Internet enterprise revenue, not the highest BAT in a home, but Jingdong. Jingdong become China revenue in the Internet industry companies with the highest, implies the pattern of the Internet is the evolution from BAT to JBAT. The JBAT pattern of gradually forming based on the Ai Rui list, Jingdong become revenue China Internet enterprises in the highest company to 69340000000 yuan, Tencent ranked second with 60440000000 yuan, Alibaba and Baidu respectively to 49150000000 yuan and 31940000000 yuan in third and fourth. So from the revenue perspective, JBAT is well deserved. in fact, in Jingdong listed on the eve of a Cheap Womens Jordan 5 AAA Australia Online Sale shark once wrote, Jingdong will soon be listed, the JBAT era coming now, has suggested that the concept of JBAT. In addition to considering from the revenue, an important factor in determining market structure and market is ranked, according to the latest market, Jingdong with a market value of $36000000000 in fourth, and the market Womens Jordan 5 Nubuck Redvalue of Baidu Tencent were $64600000000 and $150000000000, Alibaba although not listed, but generally expected in the hundreds of billions of dollars, four enterprises the highest market value. from both the revenue and market, China’s Internet JBAT pattern has already formed. Interestingly, some people in the attack Jingdong profit is too low, it is difficult to BAT. But according to Ai Rui’s list, Jingdong gross profit while in the Glow in the Dark Jordan Men BAT, but still in the whole of China’s Internet industry ranked fourth. actually, these numbers are only numbers, more important still is the imagination of future enterprise. The nature of the Internet is Baidu’s essence is to solve the human connection information problem, Tencent is the essence of Blake Griffin Shoes human connection to solve the problem, Alibaba and Jingdong is to solve the people connecting goods problem. however, Alibaba and Jingdong is essentially different, Alibaba used platform mode, is essentially a virtual commercial real estate model, location of the rented out to merchants to obtain the rent, and the sale of advertising income. And Beijing East is the network retail mode, supply chain mode of service, using self as the way of depth involved in the supply chain. From this perspective, Alibaba is mainly take the platform Cheap Womens Air Jordan 4 AAA Australia Online Sale and building ecological, Jingdong is self support and supply chain services, the two actually path is not the same. Cheap Womens Jordan 5 Nubuck Australia Online Sale it is the supply chain service mode of Jingdong, Jordan Nubuck Men such that it forms a better user experience, and has formed a closer relationship with the suppliers and sellers. Using this feature, Jingdong future has been relatively clear, that is, on one hand will self built logistics ability rentseeking himself, in a mobile platform such Nike Air Max Womens as copying its formation in the era of the PC user experience, this is the mobile ecommerce, mobile phone micro letter electric, QQ electric are so; on the other hand, will own experience in Internet the output capacity to help traditional Air Jordan Shoes Womens enterprise transformation

every day to open the Internet industry news

every day to open the Internet industry Blake Griffin Shoes news, see are those highend atmospheric grade website news, Cheap Womens Jordan 5 AAA Australia Online Sale it seems these is what the Internet is all. In fact, they are Cheap Womens Jordan 5 Nubuck Australia Online Sale just the tip of the iceberg. The Internet also has many crazy drag handsome hanging fried day small field perpendicular website. These sites Du ugly, no Cheap Womens Air Jordan 4 AAA Australia Online Sale user experience research. Glow in the Dark Jordan Men However, these sites Kobe Bryant Shoes are very profitable. Wang Tong today here easy to build several let internet professionals look after terrified profiteering industry website. first website: Tibetan mastiff net of this theme website, is a Tibetan mastiff information network, is a Tibetan mastiff online, Web site are: : second: pharmaceutical investment promotion site home page Baidu search Medicine Merchants, after the first page of Baidu site opened almost all, open a web page, thousands of text and image ads mixed together, lWomens Jordan 5 Nubuck Black Pinket you dazzled. These ads are not cheap, from this kind of website competition you know. Because the pharmaceutical, profits beyond the popular imagination! three, wedding company navigation this kind of website is super simple, buy Baidu contest price, the sales of fixed advertising, the annual income of relaxed million. You may think, this kind of website of pure by buying Baidu advertising auction website how business? Is Nike Air Max Womens actually very simple, a common user search in Baidu, one page only 10 search results and answer the advertisement, and the intermediate may have many foreign web site is not suitable for you. But click open to this website only, direct 100 service providers are, there is always a thing you need. So the landing to this kind of Web site traffic, conversion rate is very high, the above advertisement effect Air Jordan Shoes Womens nature is good, so advertising sells better. four, PW release station search: private servers you can see this kind of website is very much, is also a page above hundreds of advertising, special special service closely dazzle you. If you look at the above the hall advertising, more wonderful. According to the hour of money! Income? A few years ago the hacker gangs, with threats in the form Jordan Nubuck Men of a monopoly of several big PW release station of the advertising agency, in a short period of one year revenue billion, was later arrested.

Internet Financial has entered into a new stage of development

Internet Financial has entered into a new stage of development, from the original balance of treasure to network bank, and with the establishment of Tencent and Alibaba leading network banks, the financial system is to change the traditional. so, the society from all walks of life to the network bank starts to increase, as the beginning balance of treasure and so launched Internet Financial baby attack as, traditional financial forces began firing at the network bank, and the fire is still as in the past to the network bank concentration. Of the nine specialists listed network Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan 3 Men UK Online Sale business bank, is really worth analysis. network bank is not balance treasure, fighting against Nike Flex Experience RN traditional bank how discrimination? experts believe that, under the current financial systems, network of Banking Company and not a traditional bank counter, especially pure network bank, once the face of traditional bank pressure, banks will be utterly routed network. This view is actually to entertain imaginary or groundless fears, regardless of the network bank resistance strength, cracking down on this premise does not exist. first, network bank is the bank, traditional bank is the bank that everyone Nike Free Run 3 have a legitimate license, after the bank financing on the balance of treasure such as Internet secretlMens Air Jordan 13 Winter Style Black Bluey pressing, is because the balance only a fund company product, the fundamental and the bank is no longer an equal cooperation status, and the network bank and traditional bank group is the equal status of the economic subject. second, the traditional bank won’t suppressed or even banned Banking Company network and business, first, if not the interworking or set the fetters, does not allow the law in addition, the traditional banking business are now has been inseparable from Tencent Alibaba company like Baidu, also dare to see another, I’m afraid lest cooperation. third, there is the individual traditional bank self reliant energy, finance and business development Nike Max 90 Current Moire under the counter with a little action to block a Internet Co, but the traditional bank of China greatly small hundreds of thousands of home, absolutely can not form a monopoly to suppress the climate, the Internet financial enterprise without resistance will have other banks to take advantage of loopholes. in the future, the Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan Men UK Online Sale traditional bank and the newly established network banks will certainly have competition, but smart bankers will choose to cooperate, who the good cooperation, who had started it, the future will be in the field Cheap Air Jordan 13 Winter Style Men UK Online Sale of finance to occupy a favorable position. no dot does not Nike Air Max Women mean there will be no entity experts believe that the network banks outlets lack, especially ants gold suit Note: the original Alibaba’s small micro gold clothing not construction business hall of bank outlets network main cast, this network bank will be in big trouble in deposits, especially gold and silver and the RMB no vault can be put. Glow in the Dark Jordan Men estimates the expert is ignored for the difference between the dot, vault and entities, no dot does not mean there is no entity, no business office does not mean there is no branch branch office building, there is no point Lebron James Shoes does not mean you can’t build a vault. Internet financial is a newborn thing

in the Internet congress

in the Internet congress, Ma Huateng said, in the mobile Internet era, Tencent found that social, communication can do more things bottom in the mobile Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan Men UK Online Sale phone terminal, the Tencent strategy becomes connector based on. this passage appears to be normal, but actually contains the profound meaning, but also Tencent from last year has been in the major strategy Nike Free Run 3 of matting, is tantamount to a declaration Lebron James Shoes of war is the three operators, by Ma Huateng in such an occasion to touch on lightly release. Communication is in essence the layered soft connector Tencent pipeline in the Tencent vocabulary, try to avoid using the communication operators vocabulary, use a lot of tongue words, but as the concept meant and what we often say. Tencent to the underlying social and communication made the in fact, is what we often say this is a pipeline control and communication operators Nike Air Max Women as an equal to. The general understanding of network is the pipeline, but in fact is not the case, the entity part of the network is a pipe, pipeline transportation information in middle of the cavity and the valve, a distributor and a recorder is a part of the pipelinMens Air Jordan 13 Winter Style Grey Blacke, an important link to control those of pipeline system and with software platform is also pipeline. so that you can understand, Tencent do not tower or base station, not laying fiber, but to make the pipeline valves, recorder and the distributor, but also do a faucet, gas stoves and flowers. Pipeline and Alibaba and Baidu is committed to rely on the operator Cheap Air Jordan 13 Winter Style Men UK Online Sale to provide endtoend closedloop service different, Tencent will now do just block the pipeline of the throat, and communication operators will eat pipeline economy, by controlling the soft pipe will take other Internet Co profit. so, telecom operators have a few years this discussion don’t be dumb pipe problem into decoration, even Glow in the Dark Jordan Men the pipeline control should be take a part. Why should the Tencent brave do yourself? Ma Huateng said that Tencent’s ecology is a Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan 3 Men UK Online Sale more open ecosystem, Tencent to provide the underlying communication, user authentication, storage, distribution, trade payment Nike Max 90 Current Moire and other functions, cooperation with many areas of vertical cooperation partner. If Tencent really do so, it is not another Ma Huateng said, we are not difficult to understand why the recently launched micro letter the phone book and fried hot topic, also on the Nike Flex Experience RN Tencent recently a series of market movements can have a clear interpretation. Prior to this, there are a lot of people Tencent has been said connection as part of O2O, or a prelude, Tencent to do things as a matter of fact, Tencent want to do is to not take license plate communication operators. Tencent reason to do pipeline, mainly is the use value of the enormous value of pipeline. China Mobile family income is amazing, according to money the newspaper shows, China Mobile the first half of 2014 revenue will reach 481200000000 yuan,

1000 lighting: insight into the opportunities open layout for market strategy of with the phase out incandescent schedule is determined

1000 lighting: insight into the opportunities open layout for market strategy of with the phase out incandescent schedule is determined, semiconductor lighting energysaving industrial planning, Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan 3 Men UK Online Sale the introduction of financial subsidies to promote efforts to increase and the Nike Free Run 3 government takes the lead in using LED and other measures to implement the LED lighting lighting, a new round of market is breeding. Grasp the pulse of industry, insight into market opportunities, open layout LED lighting channel strategy last year have been many enterprises put on the trip. Three shares of gem circle, sharing the crossstrait cooperation opportunity, BDO marriage NVC, the layout of the global lighting Cheap Air Jordan 13 Winter Style Men UK Online Sale market, the two member enterprise Nike Flex Experience RN cooperation marks the Glow in the Dark Jordan Men LED market is facing restructuring, integration of resources to become the industrial development of the inevitable road. LED but throughout the industry overall situation, whether it is powerful alliances or merger integration, all is in order to more borrowing both strong has better open layout LED channel strategy, to compete for the market. Achieved through the integration of technology, brand, channel resource sharing for the open layout of the LED market for strategies to prepare sufficient guns and ammunition. Nike Max 90 Current Moire lighting industry pattern of intelligent lighting extended function Home FurnishinMens Air Jordan 13 Winter Style Navy Blue Whiteg market 1000 see lighting: lighting industry LED set off the storm of revolution light, there is magic, let the human hard unremittingly to go in search of its Lebron James Shoes long road. Lighting from the experience of the fire, the oil to electricity development. Electric lighting has gone through from the incandescent lamp, energy saving lamp, LED lighting storm of revolution. Each light source progress would storm the lighting industry revolution. The fourth generation of new green energy LED lighting rise not only due to its energy saving, environmental protection, long life and other advantages, but also has plasticity. At present, the intelligent lighting has been from the original single remote control switch, into intelligent induction lighting, intelligent lighting, intelligent remote control light now, the realization of the effect from a single dimming into it from the light soft Nike Air Max Women starting speed, cold and warm lamplight collocation, high and low voltage dimming, dimming LED fullcolor spectrum. Believe that intelligent energy saving technology and new energy LED light source combination will trigger major changes in lighting industry industrial pattern. By combining the two bring life to be more comfortable lighting and more intelligent, energy saving, convenient life. of the ninth Guangzhou international LED exhibition opens today in 1000 lighting: the confrontation started the 2013LED lighting market compete for the first shot of the ninth Guangzhou international LED exhibition in March 1st to 4 at the Guangzhou middot; China Import and Export Commodities Fair Pazhou Exhibition Hall B region was held. Representatives of enterprises: country star, Hongli, LEDIA lighting, Zhou Ming, Abison, Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan Men UK Online Sale Lehman’s etc LED lighting exhibition hall, Hongli photoelectric brought LM Hong Xi series of COB light source, a plant growth lamp special light source C3535, stage art package EMC3535; country star power will display LED module, LED flexible light strip, LED hard light, special lighting LED explosionproof lamp, and store experience lighting etc In addition, many enterprises to display LED bulb lamp, LED

based on the recent the soon to be released 2014 Chinese Search Engine User Behavior Research Report shows

based on the recent the soon to be released 2014 Chinese Search Engine User Behavior Research Report shows, browser, navigation website and search site is three search the most important way; in the mobile terminal, third party browser becomes the main way to users to search, the service life of the content is user most frequent searches. The browser, navigation website and search website is three kinds of approaches to search the main Ereli iClick community survey data shows, the browser, navigation website and search website is the main way for users to search, of which 52.5% users through the browser search, with 47.7% and 47.1% users will search through the site navigation and search site. In addition, there are 31.5% users in the chat such as chat, search for reading and other activities, 28.6% of the users to search through the desktop such as a browser desktop search, 24.4% Cheap Air Jordan 2 AAA Men Canada Online Sale of users through the search way to search such as through the input method of search dog browser version of the wisdom and wisdom edition search. Overall, the mainstream is still Cheap Jordan Aero Miami Men Canada Online Sale the way users search browser search, navigation webMens Air Jordan 4 Leopard Red Brownsite search and search the site directly search. Ai Rui analysis, Nike Air Force Ones search engine is highly dependent on the browser, Nike Air Max Mens users can search through the search box and the browser tool bar and so on the way to the browser address bar, builtin browser, which makes the browser search has become the most convenient and also the most commonly used search mode; navigation website in Blake Griffin Shoes addition to search box or a lot of life service website the entrance, such as shopping, lottery and telecom recharge etc This makes the navigation website in China’s permeability is relatively high, but also makes the navigation site search box become very common search entrance; search engine itself brand visibility and the user’s habits will prompt users to Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice search directly through the search site, these reasons make the browser search, navigation website search box and search website become three search most important way. life service content is most often in the mobile terminal users to search the contents of the Air Jordan Shoes Mens Ereli iClick community survey data shows, 46.4% of the users to search the life service content on mobile terminal, ranks the first in all of the search content categories; 44.8% of the users to search the knowledge content on mobile Nike Air Foamposite Women terminal, 41.2% of users to search the entertainment content on mobile terminal, which shows that the service life the content has become the most often in the mobile terminal users to search the contents of. Ai Rui the analysis thinks, mobile device location data and has a good portability, so mobile devices become connected to an important entrance of on line and off line, this makes the user more inclined to move through the search engine to search the local life service content, in order to obtain the corresponding services such as catering etc The future with the development of mobile and the popularization of O2O industry, the expected life service content on mobile search content Cheap Air Jordan 4 Leopard Men Canada Online Sale accounted for more high than will become.