yesterday 21 night

yesterday 21 Cheap Lebron James 11 Shoes Women UK Online Sale night, Wanda Commercial real estate Limited by Share Ltd hereinafter referred to as Wanda Commercial real estate unveiled the prospectus of the final price, or HK $48 per share. ‘s commercial real estate platform coming in tomorrow on the Hong Kong exchange occasion, Dalian Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin’s assets, and even the richest man in China belonging caused a hot debate on the. to outside speculation the richest man battle, said Wang Jianlin in December 2nd Nike Air Max Women to accept the First Financial Daily and other media interviews in Wuhan: I didn’t put the Pony brother as a rival. at the same time, Wang Jianlin also said the industry, Wanda Wanda Commercial real estate will be listing on the HKEx, Wanda is currently in Hong Kong Glow in the Dark Jordan Men has about 10 registered companies, which include a theme park, hotel and other plate plate, the future is expected to continue into Nike Max 90 Current Moire these business spin off series. , Wanda Commercial real estate and price determination of said Wanda Commercial Real Estate in the announcemeWomens Lebron James 11 Shoes Light Yellow Blacknt last night issued a allotment results, Wanda Commercial real estate the final price of HK $48 per share of H shares, has been close to the market earlier predicted 41.849.6 HK dollar ceiling. in addition, the company also notice that, the global sale of the net proceeds of approximately HK $28031000000, and was 5.32 times oversubscribed. analysis of Hong Kong stock analysts say to our newspaper reporter, from Nike Free Run 3 cornerstone investors pursued, is Wanda Commercial real estate the highlight of IPO. The latest information released last night also shows, 12 including China two insurance companies, professional European funds, institutions, accumulative total subscription of 338000000 shares, accounted for Wanda Commercial real estate shares 56.37%. according to the listing prospectus, Wanda Commercial real estate will put the net to raise funds for the construction of 90% of the 10 development projects, the remaining funds will be used for the flow of funds, and cut corporate borrowing. Cheap Lebron James 10.5 Men UK Online Sale Moodie investment Service Corporation on the First Financial Daily reporters, has the positive effect of Wanda Commercial Real Estate Credit IPO, and help to improve liquidity and capital structure of the company. has so far, Wanda has 4 listed platform: A shares has been the cinema business, U.S. stocks AMC, Hong Kong stocks of shell companies and Wanda Commercial Real estate. Said Wang Jianlin, Wanda has remained above 30% growth for 9 Cheap Lebron James 10 Kid UK Online Sale consecutive years, there are many projects Lebron James Shoes coming to market in 2015, will also maintain rapid growth. didn’t pony brother competitors published in the Forbes magazine’s 2013 China rich list, Wang Jianlin had to 86000000000 yuan of personal wealth, the first summit of China’s richest man; and in 2014 September the report Research Institute released the 2014 Hurun Nike Flex Experience RN Report shows that the Wang Jianlin family with 145000000000 yuan of wealth ranking

in the network ant over time

in the network ant over time, we recognize the FlashGet; when FlashGet gradually popular, we also know the thunderbolt download. The speed become the biggest obstacle in the Internet, Internet download becomes maximum application time, Download Software overlord frequently alternate replacement. But has the legendary color thunderbolt, ultimately rely on the unique P2SP technology to become the fastest download software to establish himself in the download industry status of the king. Cheap Lebron James 10.5 Men UK Online Sale as of 2011 February, Download thunderbolt download tools the average daily for about 138000000 times, most of the contents of these downloads music, video; But is different from the traditional good times don’t last long, download software, bring the thunder P2SP server mode to increased demand, let it immediately into a huge cost burden. Although several cooperative, and game developers and Hua Jun software park, the sky software cooperation, and even their own burn money playing online video, but eventually because of disagreements, burn all operation costs rise and other reasWomens Lebron James 11 Shoes Light Yellow Blackons, failed to fundamentally solve the problem of income. Then, the State Copyright Bureau statement on claiming to offer only jump technical service, Nike Air Max Women do not provide the drama of movie and TV content of the safe harbor was not notice, more let is the main bearing music, video and other download resources mainly thunderbolt situation became one disaster after another. all kinds of pressure, just entered the early 2012 the thunder, is facing the unprecedented challenge, enterprise development speed suddenly slow down. Helpless under, the thunder begins to turn to other ways to to the user received the gold, enhance corporate profitability, satisfaction, consolidate the future listed a variety of conditions, but it has also attracted a variety of Cheap Lebron James 10 Kid UK Online Sale potential crisis Peep Nike Max 90 Current Moire door before explosion scan connected If say, 2008 appear thunder search user files in the computer and hacking secret upload people query thunder began in users unwittingly, then in 2012 February once again discovered the thunderbolt peep door, will be pushed to the credit crisis thunderbolt edge. peep door end, because after a netizen in Cheap Lebron James 11 Shoes Women UK Online Sale 2012 February 8 daily Google search and buy a wire line arranging box Lebron James Shoes on Taobao, but again in February 13, 2012 Nike Free Run 3 to start the thunder of thunder, Nike Flex Experience RN but found that even in the popup window to the user recommend wire frame. The problem lies in the Glow in the Dark Jordan Men focus of controversy, the user during this period although the installation of thunder but did not use Thunderbolt download, thunderbolt was able to predict the user to buy the goods, search. 2008 thunderbolt blasting scanning gate, led to a number of media exposure 2012 thunder explodes privacy door even a name called Japanese Waseda University

12 month 9 days

12 month 9 days, from science and technology reports, drops a taxi get a new round of more than $700000000 in financing, the financing of Temasek, DST, Tencent three leading. At the same time, around fast taxi is hundreds of millions of dollars scale C round of financing of hearsay, as early as had been released a lot of wind. these frequently hundreds of millions of Nike Free Run 3 dollars in financing, for the future of the burning war Nike Flex Experience RN foreshadowed. Two taxi software seem to believe that as long as the burn will be able to develop a user habit, back two taxi software Tencent and Ali, if can activate Tencent and Ali and business ecosystem, the potential market development of tourism in the crowd of small tourism, not burn money raising user habits more than commercial potential. taxi and rental car mode is too low, through large data and business ecosystem Lebron James Shoes Pan travel service in fact, drops a taxi and fast taxi launched a taxi and car rental service, is the O2O mode is considered one of the service relative mature. Overshadowed by burning Nike Max 90 Current Moire more than a taxi, car rental business, not the scenery like surface. Because the two most important taxi and car are not control, end is beyond Cheap Lebron James 10.5 Men UK Online Sale the control of the taxi companies and leasing companies, Womens Lebron James 11 Shoes Light Yellow Blackend is not will use the taxi software become travel just to be user. So, whether the passive to active? Change now burn in exchange for user habits and behavior, but let the user for just need to take the initiative to come to? in recent years, because of the cost and travel program problem, called a small tourism is considered to be a very small market, because this kind of small tourism, is the three five friends and relatives to hire car, or hire a driver, this Glow in the Dark Jordan Men small travel costs are relatively high, but for most people, and spend high price car rental tourism. It is better to Cheap Lebron James 10 Kid UK Online Sale sacrifice quality, find a tour, worry, save money, go with the group. you know, with the wealth of material, the pursuit of the spirit of the people more and more high. More and more people, more hope for a more free, more quality of travel. So, if at this time, just one, can provide travel solutions, and through the optimal allocation of resources for users to save money by driving a taxi system is round these who want small tourist population in the dream? Can activate the huge market around the travel, but this is the user just need to, as long as meet the user expectations, Cheap Lebron James 11 Shoes Women UK Online Sale do not need to complete the burning raise a habit. this is a new blue ocean for having large data taxi software company, and through small tourism services, tourism ecological circle to create a layout of mobile payment, map navigation, tourism Nike Air Max Women strategy, mobile retail and special driver and other onestop. The large number of small tourism potential tourism demand excited crowd users, compared to the total income of tourism market of nearly 3 trillion, and that will be a huge market, will produce hundreds of billions of scale industries. But also the taxi software through a small travel service, invigorated the giants including payment, map, data analysis, the whole ecological chain retail. taxi and limousine service mode transformation needs, seize the derivative services can make a big cake

remember last October 24th

remember last October 24th, NetEase open furnace stone legend national service beta hard to get event, a treasure Air Jordan Shoes Mens from the 300 to 500 range an activation code and tens of thousands of sales in that this game has multiple fire; and the game is no game player, Blake Griffin Shoes game player is a code praised resentment, and its performance in the B2C game media high longterm new heat top is once again confirms the this statement, Blizzard will be fine. is also done to the mobile game, when many domestic developers in like a swarm of bees to copycat of day department to Zhi long lost city as the representative of the card RPG games, Blizzard has chosen in the Asian market especially Chinese market and niche TCG strategy card game as its push into mobile field the first bomb. In fact, even Nike Air Force Ones in the US and Europe market, known as the originator of TCG Magic development in recent years is relatively slow. Why Blizzard would choose such a popular goods? What is the focus of the blizzard popular goods made the global game player attention? market demand exists for tMens Dwyane Wade II Black Red Whitehe TCG game a lot Cheap Jeremy Lin Shoes Canada Online Sale of game manufacturers understand the TCG game market is very shallow, in fact, the TCG card in the global scope has been the majority of the audience. As compared with other types Cheap Dwyane Wade II Shoes Men Canada Online Sale of games, the TCG card in the user group characteristics and regional characteristics of fuzzy, fuzzy Usa Inc Duel Masters in Japanese red, and from Japan game king can also be a global reputation. In addition, TCG game life and ability suction gold is quite good. TCG cards often can last for years relied on Nike Air Foamposite Women increasing rare cards the way to attract users to pay the bill, in Lost City Zhilong reached 11000000 users of 2 years ago, the entity game king card sales volume has reached 25100000000 70000000. Why would collection card? This is a very important reason to spend money to pay for the consumption of the game player. With respect to spell numerical card kind RPG game, TCG game unique group of orthodox card mechanism makes the game does not exist an absolute sense of the waste card, each card in the specific combination and circumstances can almost play throw Ding Qiankun effect, which means that the Games in each a card has the collection value. Compared to AI, and has been Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice playing spell numerical no brain game, with people fighting game mode of the game player’s subjective initiative has been the most extreme of the play, so the game pleasure multiplication. Since TCG game is so interesting, and vigorously promote the why manufacturers has been no electronic edition? In addition Nike Air Max Mens to the relevant manufacturers smell sensitive enough, more protection also involves to the original profitable entity card market and price system. But with the rapid development of Zhi long lost city and other Mobile Games, online TCG potential to be excavated, Cheap Jeremy Lin Shoes Men Canada Online Sale TCG card game online has become an irreversible trend of development. with the anger, Bahamut Zhi long lost city, my name is MT

the end of year 3

the end of year 3, by Facebook founder Mark? Zuckerberg Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice combined with more scientific and technological industry bosses consisting of lobby group meaning go ahead, America! Once again the highprofile appeared in numerous media view. Lobbyist this is committed to promoting the America immigration policy reform first published the latest poll, said Republicans will not suffer any political damage because of its Nike Air Foamposite Women core voters support for immigration reform, emphasizing the delay of immigration reform, agglomeration will be very detrimental to the elite Cheap Dwyane Wade II Shoes Men Canada Online Sale technology. At the same time, the organization held an event called ThinkFWD series were in San Francisco and New York City, to raise public awareness regarding the role of industry of science and technology on tamping the middle class play in the. funded tissue obtained including Yahoo! CEO Marissa? Meijer, Google chairman Eric? Schmidt, YouTube founder Chad? Hurley, Instagram founder Kevin? Strom, and Microsoft chairman Air Jordan Shoes Mens Bill? Who Cheap Jeremy Lin Shoes Men Canada Online Sale influence Gates and CEO Ballmer, support. similarly, two other allied agencies from Silicon Valley technology industryMens Dwyane Wade II Dark Gray White respectively global positioning system alliance and Internet Society Nike Air Force Ones also especially the selection of professional third party Lobby Firms in the Washington area, to Congress and President Obama industry policy direction for advice. Lobbying focus global positioning system alliance around the Federal Communications Commission increasingly clear network neutrality problem; and focus on Internet association Cheap Jeremy Lin Shoes Canada Online Sale in the field of network security, privacy protection, intellectual property rights and patent reform. there is a for Digital Millennium Copyright Act DMCA the reform pressure group called FixtheDMCA, behind the support mechanism comprises the social networking site Reddit, Mozilla foundation, O’Reilly publishing company, YCombinator incubator, EFF Electronic Frontier Foundation and more than 50 other technology industry company. Blake Griffin Shoes yes, to analyze the historical view of words, ‘Silicon Valley’ to ‘Washington’ Nike Air Max Mens has always been at a distance phenomenon is also real. Technology industry leaders tend to adhere to the West Coast liberalism, to get involved in political not interested. However, the reality often alarming’s 1998 Microsoft suffered antitrust litigation, has become the watershed USA technology industry from the to be indifferent to politics to start to pay attention to the lobby. After , the software company tried hard to make the government to relax the restrictions on hightech exports; Internet Co successfully contributed to stop a network tax case; Capitol Hill passed a bill to protect digital works including computer software copyright although involved in film and music digital copyright terms did not make all Internet ISP satisfied. in this century 00 time, around the network tax controversy continues to ferment,

tourism industry investment in the rapid heating

tourism industry investment in the rapid heating. Domestic mobile travel community bread travel CEO Peng Tao today to the science and technology announced, a total of $50000000 C wheel financing account. This round of financing for the technical team and more overseas destination expanding enrollment. The current round of financing led by Tencent cast, fidelity Asia ventures Fidelity Growth Partners Asia and broadband capital Nike Air Max Mens China Broadband with the vote. Prior to this, the Cheap Dwyane Wade II Shoes Men Canada Online Sale bread travel won the Xianfeng angel investment, Xiangfeng A round round of investment capital investment and broadband B. Tencent said, bread travel highquality products, massive structured data and team innovation ability is the biggest reason for making this investment. bread travel was founded in early 2012, is a mobile APP as the main body of the personalized travel community, is committed to using mobile technology connected Chinese travelers and destination services provider, has been repeatedly recommended application market. bread travel claims, has accumulated more than thirty million active users, of which 70% for iOS users. Bread travel inspiration from two children in Green’s fairy tales, theMens Dwyane Wade II Black White Redy spread through the bread crumbs to find their way home. Peng Tao took the bread travel Nike Air Force Ones development is divided into three stages: is the first stage of records sharing tools. By recording the way the user can save precious memories of travel; second stage is the information tool, by generating provide personalized destination guides for the user; of the third stage is the trading platform, through the destination of travel product is bound to a structured POI, users can do in the plan at the same time, the completion of scheduled travel products. now bread travel completed two phases of accumulation, entering the third stage. Peng Tao said, this stage is important event in 2014 launched in August sub brand Thailand free for App, which can help the user to use the fragmentation of time Cheap Jeremy Lin Shoes Men Canada Online Sale and social relationships to complete travel products reservation. In addition, the user can also through the Thailand free for App during the trip continues to get help. Peng Tao said, the user generally through Nike Air Foamposite Women search Cheap Jeremy Lin Shoes Canada Online Sale and recommendation find travel products. Biscuit journey to find third ways, namely through social scene to find travel products. Through effective cooperation with Tencent platform, there will be a great imagination space between each other. , according to people familiar with the matter, Micro message has a huge user, has formed a ecological circle, circle of friends Micro message in a large part of the share is between friends, travel information sharing, also inspire their friends around to desire, but Micro message this one needs not met. the sources said, bread Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice travel has a lot Air Jordan Shoes Mens of quality tourism travel card, if the circle Blake Griffin Shoes of friends share travel information, and there is a place, can be grafted bread travel information, coupled with each other to a friend’s recommendation, the probability of success will be much higher, demand can

video industry competition pattern

video industry competition pattern, has never been stable. From the initial video website chaos, to giant Sheng head Zhe frequent mergers and acquisitions, and then to today Alibaba and Youku potatoes with. Seems to be a change, will change the industry competition pattern, which is a competitive weakness. Behind the weak competitiveness, mapping of Yingshang is this industry, namely, video website user agglutinant inadequacy. In other words, dependent on the video site users, I’m afraid and no imagination of so high. Most users are generally go chasing the content, namely quality content in which, user is in, this is a from the canal flow tract quantity competition to the evolution of logic Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Women Australia Online Sale elements of competition. of the helpless and embarrassing for recently, Youku, potatoes and Alibaba announced the establishment of strategic investment and partnership. Alibaba Air Jordan Shoes Womens and Yunfeng fund paid $1220000000 for the Youku A shares 721120860 shares, Alibaba shareholding ratio is 16.5%, Yunfeng fund shareholding ratio is 2%. In addition, Alibaba delegate its CEO Lu Zhaoxi joined the Youku Kobe Bryant Shoes Tudou board. in the peak brother view, select Nike Air Max Womens Ali is more like a kind of treMens Kobe Bryant Elite 7 Shoes Navy Green Whitepidation youku. Want to know at the moment of actor cruel is not short of money, and even the book there are hundreds of millions of dollars in cash reserves. Unfortunately, the hundreds of millions of dollars don’t realize its value, instead of the cash for a listed enterprise, is more like a chore when a lot of cash reserves too much can cause investors questioned why so many question your capital reserve is not development stagnation, etc.. as for the Youku now truly needed, peak brother guess or premium content Glow in the Dark Jordan Men and content distribution channels. Especially in the video sites have the layout of hardware box, TV market today, the latter is more urgent. But these are precisely the Ali recently in the layout of the field, in the aspect of content, Ali had just invested in content production and Western culture in China; distribution channel in the above content, Ali had launched lynx box, and shares a IPTV license plate number of China media in recent days. not only so, Youku also encounter a nothing to spend money on embarrassment. A: by policy factors, play scale overseas drama is tightening. In the bankruptcy sisters such TV series as an example, if the relevant provisions of the Ministry of culture, Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Men Australia Online Sale I’m afraid each set can play content is only 2 minutes, which greatly damage the user’s viewing experience. on the other hand, more Blake Griffin Shoes and more TV stations begin to the net, the net at the same time, they chose to stop the distribution of Internet copyright. The CCTV has announced that the world Cheap Kobe Bryant Elite 7 Shoes Men Australia Online Sale cup this year will no longer copyright distribution, by its own website and APP exclusive broadcasting. Then, Hunan satellite TV also announced that the future of Hunan satellite TV content, will no longer video to the site distribution, to Jordan Nubuck Men create their own Internet video platforms.

After the X50 Air released as music

After the X50 Air released as music, we have focused on the TV Hardware spray to spray to go, it seems to me that there seems to be little to choose the wrong direction. The result is, from the beginning to be a lot of the industry is not good as music fans, but in support of more cool, more brave. In the time dimension, a longer, let me choose who to believe it, I must believe that public opinion, rather than the industry professional advice. due to the current hardware industry has been relatively mature, Qualcomm, Chi Mei’s screen, Foxconn foundry, about this a few Nike Air Max Womens appearance. Do intelligent TV, on the hardware you some I have, I have you can get, it does not exist any barriers, components and OEM trading and unable to make his agreement, you a two swallow those capacity, can not take care of others Blake Griffin Shoes to buy. hardware for users, in concept is vague, the Kobe Bryant Shoes user is now also gradually understand some, 8 nuclei are not necessarily more than 4 nuclear fast, those clouds. The hardware configuration, watch. The user is inherently not see hardware configuration, except for the oMens Kobe Bryant Elite 7 Shoes Navy Green Whiteccasional rabbit ran into several nuclear, security situation and so on, who can so much to understand the performance of hardware. In the conference, rendering hardware, always Cheap Kobe Bryant Elite 7 Shoes Men Australia Online Sale just knew but let people confused rendering only, the demand of the user is not this far. return to the topic, so as the future direction in where? In fact, as X50 Air in the day of the release of had said that, to become China’s 4K overlord. The words in the current infrastructure does not follow to go up, the content supply can not keep up, the whole Air Jordan Shoes Womens industry chain are not formed under the condition of allowing the industry to feel funny. But in turn to think of it, 4K will come sooner or later, just like the original DVD replace Glow in the Dark Jordan Men VCD, who is expected to have so fast. The music of this declaration, if its as a goal of future, then the logic to restore it, knew how to ignore. As the for non IT companies, is not Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Men Australia Online Sale to Jordan Nubuck Men make money from the hardware, Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Women Australia Online Sale or even to put money into hardware. The music is good at is content, content of cash is always the music as to be considered. Currently there is no who can obtain benefits from the content, but do not represent the future will not. 4K is a good beginning, at least at present most of the content is also controlled in SONY hand, later even spread out, there is a process. This is our opportunity, as it is to build a 4K content of ecological circle from now on, put the infrastructure ready, play out the brand, who do not know 4K when will usher in the spring, but when spring comes, will be the first visit of the earliest well that a preparation. can think about it, why the industry that does not agree with the view, but it can be accepted. For example, 4K problem, I also feel now talk about 4K’s early, all kinds of content and bandwidth rate does not follow to go up ah, but who would dare to say the first half of the year

Micro message marketing training really any use

Micro message marketing training really any use? This is each according to his lights. If, you just finished finished, it’s definitely not. If, you learned, and use of them, finally, and then summed up a set of their own methods. One can imagine that the harvest. Now training, Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Men Australia Online Sale the whole network and even the whole country, few are countless. Of course, this is just all collectively training together. Vertical down there are many classification. Such as: Skills: network marketing training, SEO training, Micro message marketing training etc The language is English, French, Spanish and so on. These are collectively referred to as training. if not used in training. These training institutions is how to survive? So, there is no specific training for. This need to differ from man to man. If you have finished without, it is useless. If you learn to use. It is useful. If you want Kobe Bryant Shoes to contact, an industry or field, a Cheap Kobe Bryant Elite 7 Shoes Men Australia Online Sale springboard training is very good. After attending the training, namely have relevant professional knowledge, industry at the same time, also won the industry contacts. As for the worth, it depends on how you think. so, what is the most Mens Kobe Bryant Elite 7 Shoes Navy Green Whiteimmediate fire training? I believe we all know is micro letter training. Now the micro letter training like that of the SEO training. The fire of the entire network. and micro channel has a call Zhu Weikun in the lead 32 disciples have been doing free micro letter training. At the same time, in the real name network marketing forum case doing a free micro letter marketing forum. For everyone to learn, exchange. In order to let more people through the Internet to find free micro channel marketing to Blake Griffin Shoes learn. of course, if you often play micro letter should have heard of micro letter a Zhu Weikun led the 32 disciples created life marketing, at the same time, also created Qiankun for everyone to do free micro letter training. Has been one to Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Women Australia Online Sale praise you. And the Daily story every day people share their true stories or success story. There are Macun, six connections, and will be around the village of Qiankun branch and so on. Each group of the active degrees every day more than the amount of information a million. As long as you want to learn, over 10000 knowledge amount of each group is Glow in the Dark Jordan Men enough for you to learn. You said Is it right Jordan Nubuck Men although the day had Nike Air Max Womens knowledge quantity million, and Qiankun will free micro letter marketing training. At the same time, there are forum free micro letter marketing knowledge. But we are not very good to learn, master and Air Jordan Shoes Womens practice. What is the reason? Because, one is to receive daily amount of knowledge can not digest too much. The second level is the amount of knowledge every day to accept not Qi can’t absorb the good. Third such knowledge is not a step by step process. Especially for some new micro channel marketing people simply can not accept. to solve these problems. Master Zhu Weikun launched micro letter marketing system knowledge training enrollment.

O2O closed loop is initially everyone in the one of the most debated issues

O2O closed loop is initially everyone in the one of the most debated issues, debate and even to discuss whether existence and non existence of closed loop. And it was initially closed loop concept is group purchase industry as a means of profit, a regional manager of a large group purchase website once said to me, do not close loop will not receive the money. Closed loop concept is abuse, many people in the industry believe that the closed loop does not exist is a fallacy. if you go to the thinking of the concept of closed loop with PC end of the thinking mode, you cannot know the real meaning of closed loop in O2O field is what. Closed loop , O2O there are clear traces of you must first recognize, closed loop there is a very clear clue in the field of O2O, the first Cheap Lebron James 11 Shoes Men UK Online Sale many people will become very confused closedloop concept, its reason lies in the clue of chaos. For example, reservation and payment, itself is not in a line, coupons and payment might not be in a clue. let us understand what on earth have few clues, I think there are roughly 5 spWomens Lebron James 10 MYP Grey Black Pink Purpleecific cues: information, services, logistics, funds, data. V in the transaction process, the most crucial is the object: the merchant, the customer. V in the transaction process, the existence of information flow, logistics and capital flow. Chinese information is passed to the customer information business. Chinese data are businesses through the customer behavior or take Cheap Lebron James Soldier 7 Men UK Online Sale investigation behavior actively access to customer information. Chain structure of in these information, material, organization, there exists a critical and non critical, valid and invalid nodes, relationship of correlated and uncorrelated between the chain and the chain. closed loop must be analyzed from the food chain structure, loop is O2O profit model. two, O2O closed loop’s an ecological chain must recognize that the closed loop Nike Free Run 3 design is general talk group buying coupons or so simple, so the loop node selection designers need to deep understanding of the breakthrough industry business rules. for example, around 2006, the fence net for home industry uses a mall, membership card mode. The design of the model of the seemingly flawless, Buyers transactions in order to obtain a discount membership card through Glow in the Dark Jordan Men the end of trading card, buyers in the fence net of gifts. This process is completely is currently home to businesses union activities at the scene of the process! However, due to the platform and business need for service charge settlement through membership card system, and the system does Cheap Lebron James 10 MYP Women UK Online Sale not limit the seller and the buyer must use the membership card payment system, so a large number of buyers and sellers single hop appeared! Adhere to the commercial moral system cannot exist. again to see similar system design’s alipay. Pay treasure Lebron James Shoes is designed to guarantee Nike Max 90 Current Moire the safety of both transactions, provide trust security; and pay treasure itself is not Nike Air Max Women charged, is both the buyer and the seller when use Alipay does Nike Flex Experience RN not seem to produce direct costs, nor any necessary jump. As for the pay treasure to bring? We can see your network bank last year.