10 month 2324 day

10 month 2324 day, sponsored by the 2014 Shanghai Airui Marketing Summit held in the Kerry Hotel Pudong. As Ereli annual summit of the third stations, 2014 Nike Flex Experience RN Shanghai iResearch Internet Marketing Summit a continuation of the previous Beijing, Shenzhen two Glow in the Dark Jordan Men summit defensive moves. Integration and innovation theme, with marketing as the breakthrough point, many in the industry heavyweight guests invited to share marketing case and experience, to explore the reform and innovation of the Internet marketing, to feel the pulse of the new economy era of the Internet marketing mode. is a senior vice president in the afternoon of October 23rd, technology marketing summit venue published Cheap Dwight Howard Shoes UK Online Sale by goods effect one is entitled reflections on the left brain Nike Free Run 3 and right brain’s speech, the following is a speech recording: interactive map as senior vice president Yuan Jueming Yuan Jueming: I told you to repeat my title goods effect one is thinking of left brain and right brain. Why talk about the title? I come from Xiamen, went to Xiamen to attend a local influential outdoor media called new development of such a Nike Air Max Women seminar on new media. I would like to Cheap For Wholesale Buy Link UK Online Sale mention two Fujian businesFor Wholesale Buy Link(Can not be used to fill ordering 6 items to get free shipping!)s customers, I see a lot of Fujian business Lebron James Shoes customers will spend tens of millions to buy the DSP to do. Second characteristics of Fujian’s customers want results, you will win, the requirements of the effect of relatively high, this has prompted us to think. In addition to some of the content you are talking about today’s PMP, DSP, DMP. In today’s communication field should be how to the brand, http://www.xianyuzl.com.cn/news/html/?1079.html the effect is more ingenious fusion. This is my today here to share in the next 15 minutes of content. interactive was founded in 2002, I joined has been nearly ten years, there are three sub brand. In the past the whole process, to the precision of rich media ads from the earliest rich media ads to mobile rich media ads, today I want to combine with everybody share more left brain, right brain thinking. We firmly believe that the one thing in all of history, is the brand marketing. The effect Nike Max 90 Current Moire of brand is the pursuit of more effect for today all customers a very important factor. In Xiamen when a client about a word, he said no one will consumers in an unknown electric business website orders, you imagine you dare in a never heard of the place order, why today Jingdong, these Chinese leading shopping sites have such a development today? Because we cannot ignore a word called brand. enters the multi screen in the era of the Internet, a moment ago always mentioned, from PC to move to the Pad I tell people, called PC heavy Pad office, entertainment, mobile heavy social. You find behind different Cheap Dwight Howard Shoes Men UK Online Sale carrier state at different screen in front of consumers, you more clearly know what kind of communication situation, communication mode, communication language communication with the thinking to face the multi screen time. today we tell about the cross screen, in the future every piece of outdoor will become the new screen, each LED can be connected to the internet. Then you car G

gradually eroded the traditional media advertising

gradually eroded the traditional media advertising, newspapers become the Nike Air Max Women be the first to bear the brunt, but the dominant position of the TV advertisement is generally Nike Max 90 Current Moire considered to still have not shaken. Nike Flex Experience RN however, the Nielsen Co recently issued report shows in television advertising, such as under the influence of network video, television advertising also suffered serious impact, not only the growth rate in a year than a year, and advertising price fell Glow in the Dark Jordan Men sharply, television began inserting a lot of advertising, the goose move, will further drive the television audience. Nielsen Co report shows, TV advertising has been presented from the peak began to decline and signs of atrophy. First of all, television advertising revenue, in the past five years still maintain growth, but growth rate began to decline, growth in 2010 or 8%, Nike Free Run 3 but in 2013, growth has only weak 3%, last year the total revenue of $78000000000 USA TV advertising. An additional data is television advertising ation, in Cheap Dwight Howard Shoes UK Online Sale the past five years, the standard 30 second television advertisement price has been in decline, in the past four years, fell For Wholesale Buy Link(Can not be used to fill ordering 6 items to get free shipping!)to $1100, or nearly Cheap For Wholesale Buy Link UK Online Sale a. face the television advertising ations down, television react? They began broadcasting in unit time, insert more TV advertising. In several major television network channel, last year, each hours of TV commercials amount is 14 minutes and 35 seconds. In 2009, the amount of advertising spots for 13 minutes and 25 seconds. The program quality for cable television network http://www.xianyuzl.com.cn/news/html/?1079.html aired a higher channel, last year every hour show commercials length of 15 minutes and 38 seconds, but in 2009, the amount of advertising spots for 13 minutes and 25 seconds. there is no doubt that the TV commercials for longer periods of time, the TV channel and user experience more bad, the general audience will be more motivated to migrate to Netflix, or by digital video recorders and other means, light see no advertising program. In the network video for television viewers in the background, television advertising broadcast increase, equivalent to drinking poison to quench thirst. of American science and technology media commented that the growth rate of decline, unit price fell, the TV station was forced Lebron James Shoes to increase advertising, this phenomenon is unprecedented in the TV industry, TV advertising is falling from the peak, will gradually lose the advertising market leading position. but needs to be pointed out is that the thin dead camel is bigger than a horse, the Internet industry has been coveted food television advertising revenue, but the income beyond TV advertising days, has yet to come. in real life, TV compared to other traditional media, more indepth penetration Cheap Dwight Howard Shoes Men UK Online Sale into people’s normal life, so television advertising revenue, will not disappear overnight, miserable plight television also won’t face the newspaper industry, the closure of a large number of layoffs. according to another report, a report of the American Internet Advertising Bureau in April pointed out that if all network video ads,

People familiar with the from the domestic investment area revealed

People familiar with the from the domestic investment area revealed, Hunan satellite TV, a wholly owned subsidiary of happy sunshine will soon be completed A wheel financing, the valuation of the company more than 6000000000 yuan, the current largescale fund has twenty several stateowned and private background bid subscription, financing is expected early next year will be the results published in foreign. Hunan satellite TV, deputy director Nie Mei in an interview, the news did not comment, but she said, happy sunshine under the mango TV will be fully in Nike Max 90 Current Moire accordance with the mode of market operation, do not rule out the introduction of external capital or merge other new media company. as the most successful domestic local TV station, Hunan TV face in the development of new Nike Free Run 3 media impact, is continuing to increase on the Internet business investment. Cheap Dwight Howard Shoes UK Online Sale After the news, Hunan TV will invest 1000000000 yuan to Cheap For Wholesale Buy Link UK Online Sale the happy sunshine, to support the TV next week mango show broadcast service. The traditional TV today has been the Internet re defined, the Internet makes terminal and watch the content of the scene and time infinite expansion. The entertainment industry is in the best of the outbreak of the opportunity. We are now on the mango TV input is very large, is not only the cash investment, inFor Wholesale Buy Link(Can not be used to fill ordering 6 items to get free shipping!)vestment rights only broadcast, but Glow in the Dark Jordan Men the future will be to integrate various resources to the platform. Nie Mei told reporters. The Golden Eagle Festival ceremony interconnection in the recently concluded in Hunan TV broadcast, first used the originated in the Internet barrage interaction model, which is also home to http://rmotg.com/Blog/nike-uk-is-for-the-designed-object-and-looks-good-for-moderate-runners-do.html the TV screen for the first time largescale use of barrage. surprisingly, this suggestion directly from the Nie Mei and Hunan radio and television station Lv Huanbin, technical support from mango TV team. the TV of mango and Internet business investment will hold out till we fail to adhere to. This determination is we make decision after through years of exploration, the TV will not immediately killed, but Nike Air Max Women the market in the cut, do new media sooner or later an impasse. Nie Mei thinks, if keeping pace with the times to learn and re Nike Flex Experience RN built, re understanding of the Internet new media from the strategy, television certainly have the opportunity. television new media’s advantages and disadvantages of the future, Hunan satellite TV to Internet related business will be delivered to the mango platform, by means of market operation. Mango and new media platform competition, late Hunan satellite TV is inferior. The development of video website basically followed the law of the development of Internet, including user thinking, technical guide, VC support, founder of the leading. Nie Mei said that Hunan satellite Cheap Dwight Howard Shoes Men UK Online Sale TV’s background and video sites are not the same, the stateowned enterprises in competitive mechanism inherent defects, in addition to the user thinking, technical development ability and research ability, is good at the basis of innovation by capital, need more breakthrough is the system mechanism problems. on the other hand, Hunan satellite TV has advantages compared to the Internet, is the content of creativity, production has formed a mature system, with continuous content innovation Lebron James Shoes ability, and establish both Internet technology and Entertainment

according to the Tencent technology learned from reliable sources

according Blake Griffin Shoes to the Tencent technology learned from reliable sources, fusion in mobile communications Cheap Kobe Bryant 8 Playoffs Shoes Men Canada Online Sale is pushing the latest progress, in the forthcoming tomorrow moves in the Worldwide Partner Conference, China Mobile will Cheap Kobe Bryant Shoes Men Canada Online Sale officially release based on the fusion of communication hereinafter referred to as the three new RCS and mobile phone?. it is understood, the three new? And mobile phone is the original mobile phone inside the call, news, three basic communication entrance, upgraded to call, news, new connections. Among them, the new phone will provide HD audio, video calls and multi call function, the new contact will provide personal information personalization function for the user, new news will provide a variety of media formats to news and a group chat message function, and with the traditional short MMS seamless interworking. the most worth mentioning is, three new function in maintaining the user’s original communication habits Nike Air Max Mens unchanged at the same time, without the need to download and install the application, and are based on data flow. After Tencent technology exclusive exposure had converged communicatiMens Kobe Bryant 8 Playoffs Shoes Orange Blackons after the existing commercial, send text messages, phone number, according to the minute billing model will be changed thoroughly. it is reported, Nike Air Foamposite Women this meeting on the first three new function in the independent brand mobile phone is mobile, is expected to the first quarter of next year or so, Samsung, Huawei, cool, Sony, ZTE, Lenovo and other mainstream terminal manufacturers will focus on three new function, and microblog http://cmjdez.com/news/html/?9245.html to carry out an indepth cooperation. if the voice communication and data communication is one of the traditional two respective road, the fusion of communication is a threedimensional traffic system, a variety of voice, data, Internet application seamless integration, high speed transmission. fusion communication gate opening RCS is actually the mobile phone in the call, news, contact the 3 main entrance, from the level of mobile phone operators directly Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice with the integration, users still use the original calls, SMS function, just behind the technical carrier has changed, the future listing of the three new? mobile phone factory related application module has been integrated Air Jordan Shoes Mens into Nike Air Force Ones the function. But the user on RCS still confused, therefore, Tencent technology from the internal channels to the not yet open installation package of RCS. first look at new call, a call button HD voice and HD video call interface, HD voice here, Cheap Kobe Bryant 8 System MC Men Canada Online Sale namely the industry often referred to as the VoLTE technology. In accordance with the operator’s view, than the existing voice call quality is better, faster and more connected, flow; HD video is a video call, apple FaceTime, Micro message video call. to select a contact point to open, can see the traditional voice telephony, VoIP calls, network video telephone key. Then Tencent technology selected in the 2G network, connecting the WiFi case make VoIP calls, network video phone were successfully connected the former clear sound quality, the latter change pictures

Whether is a trademark of doom escape

Whether is a trademark of doom escape, or only a misunderstanding? a few days ago, the media burst just submit the listing application of Mo Mo, the 45 class of the number is a Hangzhou registered trademarks, registered trademarks content for social companionship, dating service, marriage introduction, may therefore sued. recently to Mo Mo to verify the matter, the said officials don’t respond. But people close to the SMW reporter revealed the Mo Mo, Mo Mo has its scope of business for more than 60 trademark, understand that the current situation is the Nike Air Foamposite Women 45 kind Blake Griffin Shoes of trademark is not in the business scope of the Mo Mo, but from the effective date of registered trademark belongs to. has registered more than 60 trademark some of the media reports, the Beijing intellectual property court accepted the case of infringement of registered trademarks of the ordinary, the defendant Beijing Street Road Science and technology limited company, the reason is because the defendant violated the plaintiff registered 45 class Mo Mo trademark. the news has not been confirmed the Mo mo. reporters access to public information, the trademarMens Kobe Bryant 8 Playoffs Shoes Yellow Silverk application by the Hangzhou sharp Software Co. Ltd, the date of application for the August 6, 2012, special rights for the period from January 7, 2014 to January 6, 2024, the applicable product service Cheap Kobe Bryant Shoes Men Canada Online Sale list includes 4502 social companionship, 4505 dating service marriage introduction plan and arrange the wedding service, 4503 clothing http://redmanstore.com/Blog/buyers-can-find-nike-canada-of-searching-online.html rental. according to the Trademark Bureau website data display, Beijing Street Cheap Kobe Bryant 8 Playoffs Shoes Men Canada Online Sale Road Science and technology limited company has a registered trademark of more than 60, covers the application of science and technology, geography and so on many domains, involving ninth kinds of downloadable software, thirtyfifth class, thirtyeighth class of information transmission, but did not involve 45 types of trademark. Among them, one of the earliest registered trademark in time for September 8, 2011, while Mo Mo online iO S version of the time in the year August. is Cheap Kobe Bryant 8 System MC Men Canada Online Sale a malignant registered? close to the abovementioned Mo Mo believes that from the current situation, fortyfifth kind of trademarks in Air Jordan Shoes Mens the Mo Mo not operating within its trademark application, pointing to the line of goods under the marriage service class, but Nike Air Max Mens also from the effective date see trademark belongs to malignant because before the Mo Mo has been in the use of the trademark. reporter found that data access, according to the latest version of the 2014 similar goods and services to distinguish table shows, including 4505 in 45 kinds: single Nike Air Force Ones service, covering several 450005 dating service, 450112 marriage introduction, 450218 online service categories. one of the online social network services whether it belongs to the scope of business of the Mo Mo? In this regard, the Mo Mo did not answer. however, the reporters found Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice that online dating service business like, has fortyfifth kind of trademark in January 7, 2014

is less than a month

is less than a month, Jumei Youpin stock price dropped from $20 to about $12, the decline range reaches more than 40%, especially the third quarter earnings after the encounter of the three home USA law litigation. even long silence together beautiful CEO Chen Europe does not sit, yesterday afternoon, published an article you never know, what I do it in the first half of the article, to encounter the lawsuit and crossborder business focus topic simple response. in ecommerce companies have increased the intensity of the third party platform, Jumei Youpin Air Jordan Shoes Womens why contrarian weakening third party platform? Jumei Youpin going to do crossborder business, can give service to bring what kind of growth? Comprehensive information disclosure and Chen ou we communicate with us internal stakeholders, following the US business analysis: to have a look first shares why prices? , the third season property poor performance. Jumei Youpin released in November 20th third quarter earnings disclosure, on revenue of $157700000, an increase of 28%; net profit of $1950 to play, a yearonyear increase of 88.6%. According to the Wall Street is expected to average 8 analysts, on revenue of $157700000 bKids Lebron James 10 Shoes Red Spring Green Saddle Brownelow analyst expectations. Although net profit yearonyear growth of 88.6%, but net turnover, gross margin decreased more than the central, the two consecutive quarter on quarter revenue growth of 0, operating profit more down 16% year on year. This makes a financial day poly US closing down 4.22%, after hours stock price fell by 11.83% more, the stock price fell below $20. two, less than a month, together Cheap Lebron James 11 Shoes Women Australia Online Sale the United Jordan Nubuck Men http://hlbezq.com/news/html/?114996.html States shares fell from $20 to about $12, Cheap Lebron James 10.5 Men Australia Online Sale the record low since listing price. There are two reasons, first is the shares over the overall weak collective fall, second is encountered America part law Blake Griffin Shoes firm survey and collective action. Why American firms to sue? The cause in third quarter earnings after the disclosure of information: Poly US implementation plans from Nike Air Max Womens September onwards, the majority of the cosmetics business of third party platform to the self, cosmetics sales of third party platform will be brand cooperation, counter purchase and Kobe Bryant Shoes poly beautiful sea purchased to replace. these American firms think, this kind of mode Glow in the Dark Jordan Men change will give the previously successful finance bring great risk, and poly beauty is not as promised that the development third party platform, especially after the emergence of the stock price plummeted adverse facts, damage to the interests of investors. Chen is also very clear experience lawsuit reason: Poly beauty in the negative impact and cut the luxury third party service under the dual influence of the slowdown, the stock price falls, a pile of Wall Street’s jump out joint company to sue for compensation, so the firm can make money. but in fact this kind of litigation Cheap Lebron James 10 Kid Australia Online Sale is not terrible, after Lanting Pavilion, the cardinality of the New Oriental have faced a collective action, a U.S. stock analysts believe that, in the company’s share price by the unexpected bad news blow fell after, this kind of litigation is inevitable, especially the company failed to sustained high growth, valuations will soon fall. Finally, usually with a small part of the compensation settlement.

December 16

December 16, 2014, Chinese business Oscar said the Chinese Best Business Leader Award CBLA, China Business Leaders Awards to the millet founder Lei Jun, that day happened to be Lei Jun’s birthday. 2014, mobile phone, TV, flat panel, smart wristband, air purifiers and other millet product line blossom. More importantly, Lei Jun lead millet to create hardware software services ecological circle, has become the manufacturing enterprises to embrace the Internet thinking business model innovation exemplary case. Promulgation word this evaluation: Lei Jun founded the millet is not Chinese apple, but Cheap Lebron James 10 Kid Australia Online Sale the world of millet. December 29th, millet, completed a new round of financing, Nike Air Max Womens the company at a $45000000000 valuation. From the start to the valuation of $43000000000, just four years time, millet created the company history miracle. Lei Jun is how to do? In his twentyfirst Century report and economic exchange said: innovation is the fundamental reason. there is no problem with the deviation direction, details was founded in 2010 when the millet, Lei Jun think there are two conditions ripe: one Cheap Lebron James 11 Shoes Women Australia Online Sale is to see Blake Griffin Shoes the external environment, found a huge opportunity, Kids Lebron James 10 Shoes Black Red Pale Greentwo individual complete thoughts cleared, after Jordan Nubuck Men thinking after two years, he has been a new cognition about the future. Lei Jun said in 2014 the external opportunities appear to have two: one is the mobile social networking in China manifests for the instant messaging, http://ilmsys.com/Blog/nike-store-australia-to-buy-and-resell-products-acquired.html another one is the intelligent mobile Glow in the Dark Jordan Men phone. Social mobility is connected with the end of the entrance of cloud, and the intelligent terminal is a new user interface. the two chances? Preliminary estimates of Lei Jun is $10000000000 value opportunities. At that time, China market $10000000000 worth of the company only three: Baidu, based on this judgment, Lei Jun has made two products: one is the M chat, the direction is mobile social; two is the millet Air Jordan Shoes Womens mobile phone, the direction is intelligent mobile phone. Success in one direction, can equal BAT. Four years after inventory, evaluation of their own judgment Lei Jun direction is no problem, there is deviation details. The direction from the point Cheap Lebron James 10.5 Men Australia Online Sale of view, although not yet listed, millet Kobe Bryant Shoes company intelligent mobile phone business valuation has reached $43000000000, if the publicly listed, millet mobile phone market value has the opportunity to break through $100000000000; in the mobile social aspects, m chat replacement Micro message to Tencent value of at least $100000000000 in 2010, Tencent: market value of just over $50000000000, at present the market value of more than $160000000000, was close to $200000000000. Error the details of every direction is estimated, Lei Jun will generate $10000000000 in the company, in fact it was $100000000000. Because of this, Lei Jun recently accepted the media interview said, four years ago, when undertaking, for millet company valuations less 1

author: old nonsense technology since the media public No

author: old nonsense technology since the media public No.: laohushuokeji or old nonsense Technology as everyone knows, is the fake business industry cancer, although the way enemies, but still difficult to completely eradicate. and to a year at the beginning of the age, in the past 4 days, Ali’s Taobao Kobe Bryant Shoes issued continuously with the police, the press and publishing, intellectual property rights, quality inspection departments Cheap Lebron James 10.5 Men Australia Online Sale such as the 4 major functions of the government departments cooperation quality inspection report 2014 Taobao goods counterfeiting. this is Taobao continuously Air Jordan Shoes Womens since December 18, 2014 fourth fake report released earlier in 2014, and Taobao linkage police blow fake report, 2014 Taobao linkage Intellectual Property Office fake report etc in addition, taobao to crack down on fake sales, also modified the gold sellers of audit standards and clear rules. If the seller has been punished for fake problem, even not be penalized still cannot become a gold sellers. we see a group of data: as of December 12, 2014, Taobao linkage police cracked 18 cases of fake cluster, have arrested more thKids Lebron James 10 Shoes White Black Redan 400 fake suspect; Glow in the Dark Jordan Men since 2010, 5 years, Taobao teamed up with the Intellectual Property Office has to deal with all kinds of patent infringement complaints 3000 pieces; the beginning of 2012, taobao active cooperation and press or rights tissue, will fight against infringement and piracy in the front forward, when the end of the http://aomen-baijialewangzhan.com/news/html/?25543.html year and 23000 rights in the protection of intellectual property rights has established the interactive relationship between 2009 October to 2012; June, taobao and Beijing edition fifteen agency anti piracy alliance will investigate and deal with sales higher education press of Cheap Lebron James 10 Kid Australia Online Sale pirated books shop 6126, closed 482 stores, a total of higher education press Blake Griffin Shoes Delete pirated goods 87759 263277 copies. 12 month 21 days, Taobao again released in the field of commodity quality inspection of false report. The report shows that, as of November, Taobao in Nike Air Max Womens one year with mysterious purchase system sampling of 62783 batches of goods, and quality inspection departments around the joint sampling and line tracing attack. digital back, see is gratified, invisible, is Taobao deeply helpless. reality, clean out treasure to be repeatedly pointed out that existence of fake products. Objectively speaking, the fake, Laohu I it is natural to call hit, selling it Taobao is not completely lay gun, anyway, Jordan Nubuck Men Taobao does exist some fake, after all the goods are sold from its own platform, but to say Taobao deliberately know fake fake, or indulging in fake goods, it really Cheap Lebron James 11 Shoes Women Australia Online Sale is little wronged him. To prove the example above, Taobao has repeatedly active blow fake. From its own interests chain, and do not say fake will impact the user purchase enthusiasm, many regular seller’s business will be affected by the fake harm to the Ali Taobao volume.

if you want to speak of the glory and Meizu today has grown

if you want to speak of the glory and Meizu Cheap Lebron James 11 Shoes Women Australia Online Sale today has grown, the main hero is Lei Jun. Many people see this point of view, I am afraid to shout abuse. Glory and Meizu as millet’s rival, Lei Jun hate they still too late, how to help them grow Zhuang Dane? At the same time, for glory and Meizu, Lei Jun development and they have what is the relationship between? actually, no matter is the history of Hou Wang hegemony or today’s business competition, a powerful enemy is often let themselves become the key factors are more powerful. Therefore the historical comments: when Liu Bei is Cao Cao deliberately cultivate opponent to let himself usurped. Similarly, millet mobile phone Jordan Nubuck Men barbarian growth has also brought the Kobe Bryant Shoes vigorous development of the domestic mobile phone. Lei Jun founded millet patterns give glory, Meizu good teaching materials Before was born in Millet mobile phone Internet mode, homebred mobile phone basically is to rely on the operator model and channel model in the operation of mobile phone. Whether Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE, cool and operator moKids Lebron James 10 Shoes Black Silver Reddel mobile phone manufacturer, or VIVO, OPPO channels such as mode mobile phone manufacturers, who were the pattern you Nike Air Max Womens are very satisfied, you just do not want to change the inherent mode of operation of mobile phone. however millet Internet patterns of birth, but let Huawei saw new opportunities. So at the end of last year, Huawei officially launched the Internet brand mobile phone glory. Through the study http://www.kkkksa.com/news/html/?4841.html of marketing, fans hunger marketing to millet, glory operation on the Internet Cheap Lebron James 10.5 Men Australia Online Sale with mobile phone of the brand. Especially this year launched 3 series and 6 series of glory glory is well received by many fans. Air Jordan Shoes Womens Glory Glow in the Dark Jordan Men glory 6 and 6 Plus in the end market has the style of domestic flagship masterpiece. Meizu, though technically is millet master, but the Internet mobile phone operation mode or Blake Griffin Shoes probably from millet stole over. Although Huang would admit to learn how to get along well with hunger marketing, mobile phone book and other Internet mode to Lei Jun, but this year the Meizu MX4, MX4 means Pro, Note and other mobile phone charm blue are sufficient to prove that he is following in the footsteps of millet. by millet potential, the rapid rise of glory, Meizu The glory of from the beginning the name of the slogan and millet to dry, everywhere and millet against. As long as there is a new trend of millet, glory, inevitably there will be Cheap Lebron James 10 Kid Australia Online Sale a corresponding action. Whether it is product launches or promotions, glory everywhere will follow the trend of millet. so, invisible in all people the impression, the glory of mobile phone brand strength matched with millet. In addition to using Huawei own strength, borrow millet potential speculation is an important factor in the rapid rise of glory. Meizu is no exception, each new product release spear head alignment millet fire, so it can attract more attention. Plus yellow chapter

in recent years

in recent years, in the field of international each big game show, the emergence of a number of domestic game companies figure. And Busan in South Korea has just ended the Korean international game show on Gstar, we can see, NetEase, 37 games, etc., in the domestic prestigious game exhibitors. In recent years, along with the overseas game market wider, more and more domestic game companies make a considerable Jordan Nubuck Men part of resources to foreign countries, trying to enter new areas in the international market, in the domestic market brilliant reproduction. compared to other countries and regions, because of its geographical advantage and similar cultural background, South Korea is the early years most of the domestic game manufacturer new force of the overseas market, and the 37 game is one of the earliest game company of force. It is understood, progress in 37 games in the overseas business development quickly, among them, the Korean market breakthrough maximum. The agent of the ink Lin Qin beauty has made the Korean market game Cheap Lebron James 10.5 Men Australia Online Sale products before the ten achievements in South Korea, the survey also includes Han Guoduan tour products. data also show, 2013 37 games accounted for about 16% in Cheap Lebron James 11 Shoes Women Australia Online Sale South Korea Webpage game platform market share, ranking Blake Griffin Shoes first in tKids Lebron James 10 Shoes Black Red Pale Greenhe industry. Thus the 37 game in South Korea, the big breakthrough. In this regard, vice president Huang Xiaoxian said the 37 game when accepting a reporter to interview, 37 game has always attached great importance to the Korean game market, in the Kobe Bryant Shoes past two years, both in the Korean boutique Nike Air Max Womens game imported or domestic excellent game of Korean market agents, have made amazing achievements. according to http://shipinbaijialeyouxi.com/news/html/?146737.html Huang Xiaoxian, this year 37 game point to enter the market over the next two years will be in English, German and Portuguese market force, to 3 years overseas recycling a 37 game. It sets the industry questioned, 37 games have any confidence, dare to put Glow in the Dark Jordan Men rhetoric overseas recycling a game Empire? early in 2012 during the first half of the company entered the development stage, 37 games decided to global business layout. With the mature in the Air Jordan Shoes Womens domestic game market operation experience and accumulated in the foreign game market business opportunities and resources reserve, just two years 37 games have been in Hong Cheap Lebron James 10 Kid Australia Online Sale Kong and Macao, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, North America and other countries and regions set up distribution platform. By the middle of this year, the number of total operation quality game platform 37 games overseas area is over 50, the total number of more than 3000 service dress, the total number of registered users reached 30000000, its overseas distribution ability is be obvious to people. the past data can only represent the past achievements, and prove that our ultimate victory for future planning and execution can be Huang Xiaoxian said, this year 37 games in full swing globalization layout, whether it is the beginning of the upgrade, years N7 strategy or will soon announce the globalization strategy, will lead the 37 game forward to international market. In the next year, 37 games will accelerate the pace of development in the overseas market, maintain in South Korea and Thailand market advantages, and actively explore other overseas markets, fight to the last step. In addition, with the 37 game on the market and business level in overseas