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third party payment market scale is huge

third party payment market scale is huge, but profitability has been plagued by each enterprise within the industry, lakala also except. Cara Cara source of income is charged to a bank or a user’s transaction fees, two are from the convenience store franchise fee, commercial pattern is simple and clear, in accordance with the account to count, as long as the certain scale, there will be a huge profit. However, before , the huge losses caused by the expansion of not yet filled savage; now, the mobile Internet spring tide, Jordan Nubuck Men the financial giants as strategy to attack, Micro message payment, pay treasure to virtual payment, and to rely on hardware lakala crowded into a corner. The lack of ecological support, lack of application scene; then look to finalize the individual users, spent money on CCTV, also did not see the water, let not usher in good today Cheap Nike Air Max 89 Men Australia Online Sale into the strategy of selling the disillusionment of dilemma. In the situation of Kara will be how to choose? betting community in Silicon Valley, the template Square equally serious losses, in May of Cheap Nike Air Max 95 360 Men Australia Online Sale this year closed has been speculation theMens Nike Air Max 89 All Black wallet application Square Wallet. has this mobile payment Blake Griffin Shoes is known as the star company moves frequently, is trying a new commercial kernel. square in July, nearly a billion dollars to buy online ordering website Caviar which involved in O2O; then for small and mediumsized businesses and launched the online booking management tool SquareAppointments, a let customers whenever and wherever possible make an appointment Nike Air Max Womens service platform. This service can be used as plugins easily embedded into your Webpage, businesses need on the platform to create their own can be booking service of list, so as to build a service life of electric business platform. in the domestic, younger lakala also have new move. Recently a lot of places all show a marked lakala car bus as a community business hall, Kara into the community is electric business pioneer army. Channel advantage lakala community business hall will be the integration of selling all products and Glow in the Dark Jordan Men service advantages and huge, provide a full range of community business and community financial services for the partners and the community residents user. According to La Cara staff revealed, community business hall will become lakala show experience Kobe Bryant Shoes store retail and financial services in the future change. as a strategic support products: Kara shop treasure, has been at the Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 Men Australia Online Sale end of last year began laying the national community business. At present, the use Air Jordan Shoes Womens of shop treasure store outlets has reached 50000, the plan before the end of the year will increase about 100000 community shops stagnation. Each shop treasure terminal price of about 5000 yuan, the owner bought the terminal after, do not need to return to run to LA cara. For example, every user on selling the mall on the successful place an order of a commodity, the owner can obtain the selling 10 yuan each of the rebate, the successful sale of a movie ticket or ticket, can obtain 5 yuan each of the rebate, and never need to rebate to LA cara. incision on?

8 month 26 days

8 month 26 days, 2014 big screen Chinese Conference opened in Beijing. The theme of the conference is to create unlimited opportunities to create the economic engine of new era the theme of the Jordan Nubuck Men conference, mobile Internet, the Internet financial, wearable devices, intelligent traffic, large, data, amp;, electronic commerce; more than 20 forum O2O turns staged, covers government policy interpretation, report of industry authority issued, highend leader dialogue actual combat experience, small and mediumsized enterprises, venture capital share analyzes wind and many other plate. The following is the president of , the Ministry of information industry and Telecommunication Research Institute deputy director China Internet association long Cao Shumin published in new industrial revolution Internet driven as the theme Air Jordan Shoes Womens of the speech recording: figure as the deputy director of China Internet association long Dean, the Ministry of information industry and Cheap Nike Air Max 89 Men Australia Online Sale Telecommunication Research Institute Cao Shumin distinguished leaders, ladies and gentlemen, good morning everyone! from Wu Dean’s speech, we can understand how the Internet is changing our lives. The Internet brings more profound changes, brings to human society bigger changes are yet to Kobe Bryant Shoes come, still take place. I want to share withMens Nike Air Max 89 Blue Black White you is the new progress of Internet and the industrial fusion. just a few leaders have talked about learning the general secretary Blake Griffin Shoes are referred to a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution in many speech. This is actually a global consensus. in information technology, biological technology, energy technology, new materials technology fast development, the mutual integration, a new round of technological revolution is coming. All countries in the relevant strategy layout. USA Nike Air Max Womens President Obama raised hopes of a new round of Industrial Revolution took place in American. In the world, there are a lot of research, including the third industrial revolution, the most famous, the academic circles also in the study of a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution. uses the Internet as information technology continues to expand its scope of Glow in the Dark Jordan Men application, facilitating Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 Men Australia Online Sale crossborder technology fusion, is triggering a new round of industrial revolution. Internet technology is the intersection of the two revolution. The development of the Internet, from application to academic research, up to now the consumer Internet, whether social, media, or the electronic commerce, have invented Cheap Nike Air Max 95 360 Men Australia Online Sale a lot of great technology, Internet towards life and society from the scientific research. Now the mobile Internet technology makes the Internet already from consumer Internet development has become the industry of Internet, such as electronic commerce caused great influence on the retail industry, and the Internet Financial brings to the traditional financial great influence, these new forms have begun to enter the industry, but also has from the service industry gradually to manufacturing, to the industrial field. manufacturing industry has experienced the first industrial revolution, the invention of the steam engine realized mechanization. The second industrial revolution is the invention of electricity, realizes electrification. At the beginning of the sixty’s of the last century, with the development of information technology, including computer application service system, ERP and other technologies in manufacturing industry, digitization and automation brings manufacturing industry. Now the industry is

Shanghai Wenguang department’s two listing Corporation pearl and bestv again recently both suspension

Shanghai Wenguang department’s two listing Corporation pearl and bestv again recently both suspension, industry sources, the Oriental Pearl Tower will be 1 shares in the new bestv at 2.5 strands, the Oriental Pearl Tower will take all the assets into the bestv. this article originally belonging to the media industry news actually has another significance to game industry. Effect of on the reform Glow in the Dark Jordan Men of the stateowned Shanghai, bestv and Oriental Pearl respectively signed agency agreement Microsoft and Sony, game machine, will be formally introduced. And the two listing Corporation merger, will very likely contributed to the two as old enemy host manufacturers in the China continent into a company with love scenes. in the unity of the environment, originally belonging to the bestv flag, focus on the game media game situation will likely also get two main platform content channels, so as to rule the whole host of the game video. had previously insider, according to the cooperation agreement framework bestv and Microsoft based on the release Kobe Bryant Shoes of the game, the right situation will be exclusive for version Xbox one country within the Mens Nike Air Max 89 Green Grass Blackhost Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 Men Australia Online Sale video game. That is to Cheap Nike Air Max 89 Men Australia Online Sale say, if you want to publish video game using video platform Xbox one, the content must be examined by a game situation before release. Through the xboxone hardware channel, game situation will be exclusive access to resources entrance millions of audience. bestv and Oriental Pearl of the merger, is likely to once Jordan Nubuck Men again strengthen the game situation in the host client strengths. From the view of bestv and Oriental Pearl two listing Corporation business line distribution, game situation in the past 1 years and accumulated a lot of valuable experience in the Blake Griffin Shoes video game industry. Both the content, communication, and the corresponding event organization, the Nike Air Max Womens dominant position in the group game situation is beyond doubt. Therefore, after the merger of two listing Corporation, likely by a game situation is dominant, the integration of the two host platform game Super host media. Combined with the game situation at present in the upstream end, gaming and advantage, the game situation in the leading position in the field of video game, will further expand the current, and is expected to pass a professional media operation experience to become the domestic video game model for industry enterprises. in the past year, game situation has undergone many major personnel and internal equity structure adjustment, gets rid of Esports media of small workshops, Hill head image, successful transformation into a professional, modern enterprise system, immediately following the strategic adjustment group later laid a solid foundation. For as Air Jordan Shoes Womens the business leaders of the game situation of general manager Chen Jianshu, he will have to face will be brought in from more host game users and viewers greater expectations. This for him is not only an opportunity, but also a challenge. With the merger of and business integration of two listing Corporation, game situation leadership in the field of play will be further expanded to host Cheap Nike Air Max 95 360 Men Australia Online Sale the games. Understand the deep in eSports game field

month 27 days

month 27 days, according to Forbes website reports, we have heard the saying, young people never know grammar, because they send information or, the current generation be indifferent to the things around, because they only focused on their mobile phone screen. However, a recent study conducted at the University of California in Losangeles warned, spend too much time in the harm of electronic equipment in front of the screen than many people imagine. The Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice study found, digital media reduces the ability of children to understand other people the passions. This research papers Cheap Nike Air Max 89 Men Canada Online Sale will be published in computer and human behavior in the January issue of the Computers in Human Behavior magazine. researchers were the first to a group of the sixth grade students were tested on their ability to understand other people, the mood to have a basic understanding of the. The researchers to let the students look at the pictures and videos, but the video is no sound, and then asked to participate in the testing of students, according to people in photos and videos of facial expressions and nonverbal cues to infer theirMens Nike Air Max 95 360 Brown Nike Air Max Mens emotions. After , the students were divided into two groups. One group was sent to a camp, they do not touch the digital media. These students are involved in traditional camp activities hiking, archery and learning and nature related knowledge. The control group students’ activities and the same as usual, normal contact with digital media. 5 days later, two group of students took part in a test. Camping group of students ability to understand other people’s mood has been greatly improved, students in the control group were only slightly improve. The researchers concluded: in the face of increasing exchanges can enhance young people’s social skills. Effect of on adults? involved in the test are young people, but this does not mean that adults too long at the electronic device screen does not decrease social skills. After all, involved in the test are the sixth grade students, they are aged between 1113 years Nike Air Foamposite Women old. They should have a basic understanding Nike Air Force Ones of human emotions, master certain complex social skills. a long time to electronic device screen will affect adults understand other emotions? I think the answer to this question is in the affirmative. Blake Griffin Shoes Other skills, social Air Jordan Shoes Mens skills and life, Cheap Nike Air Max 95 360 Men Canada Online Sale all need to practice can be improved. If we are too long in the face of mobile phone screen, and Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 Men Canada Online Sale the vast majority of communication other people through the screen of the electronic device, it will certainly affect our ability and other people facetoface social activities. clearly, to understand other people’s emotions are an essential business skills. To sell the products to other people, you must pay attention to whether the other party to your marketing activities more and more lost interest. To improve the efficiency of the staff, the boss you need to pay attention to when they appear discouraged state. Results show that, in the elements of success, social skills and intellectual equal.

as of 2013 October

as of 2013 October, after 90 people in Chinese netizens accounted for more than 3 into. Cheap Nike Air Max 95 360 Men Canada Online Sale As the digital generation, after 90 Blake Griffin Shoes in all aspects of daily life and more inseparable. Overall, the Internet and netizen overall similarity. But since the 90 users mainly by students, the school holidays, behavior has time difference: holiday visit behavior more entertainment service and share popular shopping. according to iResearch Internet users continuously research system iUserTracker the latest data Nike Air Max Mens show, in the leisure time of summer, after 90 internet entertainment service access increased tendency, in August the most popular online video, community friends also ranked the top three. And as demand for rigid search service, is no obvious difference between the monthly enclothes a number and the proportion of summer school. By contrast, online video and community friends visit scale in the after school has the certain reduction. in addition to monthly enclothes a number to the Top3 network service, there are 4 categories of services concern. By contrast, in September 8 percentage difference, can be found: after school, educational services and onliMens Nike Air Max 95 360 Blue Grey Blackne recruitment access size Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice increased significantly. On the one hand, the school website and the education information access popularity rapidly; on the other hand, in September when the four graduates job preparation period, recruitment, training sites have attracted much attention. By the influence of the game begins, access to services and service life tend to have significantly weakened. as a social media generation, 90 users are highly concerned about whether school community dating services on holiday. Data show that in August, the most after 90 netizens Air Jordan Shoes Mens favor Top4 community dating small service: SNS service, community, and the independent SNS. Among them, the space represented by SNS services harvest pages Nike Air Force Ones share up. The second is led by the microblog Sina microblog service, browse pages accounted for more than 23.7%. In third community service, access to Post Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 Men Canada Online Sale Bar most heat. While the popular 90s pursued independent SNS services, is the number of Renren, network of friends, bean’s most popular. shopping sharing is the bridge between friends and community service business shopping. Advocate personalized social, the pursuit of early adopter, smart consumption 90, receiving a higher degree of shopping sharing service. According to August data, the most popular in the 1990s users in the mushroom street, beautiful said, the proportion of women are more than 6 into. However, it is interesting: the use of shopping sharing 90 users, males accounted for more than 5 into. iResearch analysis, according to TGI, after 90 higher tendency to shopping sharing service Nike Air Foamposite Women access. But the shopping share not only affected by female attention, men also need to study, through social comparison shopping products, and get the shopping advice. Rather than men, women’s access to the higher degree of concentration. Women in the social aspects of communication, shopping activity are better than the male, so the main female shopping sharing sites are Cheap Nike Air Max 89 Men Canada Online Sale more likely to gather popularity, thus taking advantage.

nearly two months

nearly two months, joint marketing domestic electric business platform of entering a new period of the outbreak, regardless of time or the anniversary of the Nike Air Foamposite Women World Cup event, have become the best way to realize the marketing effect of electric business platform. so, electric business platform by virtue of joint marketing meet Nike Air Force Ones sales expectations? Full channel integration precision marketing mode can help business to build what marketing effect? Mobile marketing layout should be based on considerations? As the experience of electric industry marketing services rich trader, Beijing Railway Co. Ltd., vice president Tan Bangquan made answer. Thinking in terms of data node marketing more fine since its inception in 2009, sent the railway line is Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 Men Canada Online Sale committed to the business industry customer interactive marketing services. Tan Bangquan think, over the years, the domestic electric node marketing experience from extensive to evolutionary process of fine, is also a process of industry marketing essence. Tan Bangquan said: the first major marketing business platform is full, full back, send coupons Air Jordan Shoes Mens based way, and now PC and mobile platform to serve the users based on the electronicMens Nike Air Max 95 360 Rainbow commerce, means more precise, more Cheap Nike Air Max 89 Men Canada Online Sale embodies the Internet thinking. For example, many electric business platform to start using similar Micro message red etc. Internet product, can greatly attract the interest of the user, now, Micro message envelope almost become standard business platform in the big promotion. addition, the business enterprise of Internet thought but also in the interaction with the user, including through social channels of communication, two communication, at present, some Cheap Nike Air Max 95 360 Men Canada Online Sale of the more largescale business enterprises have been very adept in domestic interactive effect. besides Internet thinking, Tan Bangquan said, the marketing business in the node data also make many attempts. He said: Tmall relying on consumption data accumulated in the shopping platform user month after month and year after year, launched a time machine service, some precision push. For example, 5 years ago I bought a very young clothes in the Tmall, data analysis, can predict that I may now already married, perhaps need to buy Home Furnishing products. Based on this, the system can make a push. appears in the Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice Tan Bangquan, joint marketing business is a comprehensive enterprise strength PK. The category number, brand commodity Blake Griffin Shoes rich degree Nike Air Max Mens and the price is the guarantee of hard power joint marketing, and last mile delivery speed, place an order degree enhances the user friendly interface bonding layout and optimization functionality is very important for the business platform soft power. in addition, the factors of node is also considered the market marketing team and outsourced teams. The joint marketing as label movement, form a very clear cognitive users. Tan Bangquan said: now, we mentioned half off, the Guinness book of world records, it is easy to users with a business enterprise hook. Therefore, the business enterprise in the process to find the difference in the concept of shape, the shape, the cognitive, keep it to yourself.

last Friday

last Friday, domestic intelligent mobile phone ring within the two most personal independence of conduct mobile phone manufacturers Mister in Nike Air Max Women formal fighting, owing to network and quality problems once again become a powerful weapon they attack each other. is 1799 message spam in microblog, hammer and founder of Luo Yonghao the first to choke: come Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men UK Online Sale out to mix, sooner or later will also. Unlike other manufacturers are similar message harassment, Luo Yonghao announced a reward of two hundred thousand Nike Flex Experience RN capture Navy behind. This action against Glow in the Dark Jordan Men Meizu hire Navy, because after the Meizu MX4 announced on 1799 of the price, its rival microblog also followed by the emergence of a large number of 1799 reply. hours later, Meizu technology chairman Huang Zhang in his microblog said, and a hammer, than speculation would lose, than the product seconds a few blocks. In this regard, Luo Yonghao made the microblog, and called for the price of 1799 yuan of Meizu new MX4 products are cheap goods. accident is, although the Lei Jun did not make any statement, but Li Wanqiang of vice president of millet has directly accused the Meizu Mens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty White Red Black10 times increase in marketing costs, and said to be a 1499 red rice with red rice brand flagship machine. As of science and Technology Press, this argument does not have substantive results. Luo Yonghao is still in the forwarding user praise on the mobile Nike Free Run 3 phone not to mind taking the trouble to the hammer, and the attack on rival; Huang Zhang did not Lebron James Shoes matter spoke again, but the three company employees and fans have to enter into the war state of excitement. in the industry view, behind the seemingly by means of marketing and slobber Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men UK Online Sale war, is the background Chinese mobile phone industry the overall trend of slowing down. At the end of 9, IDC released a monthly tracking report, 2014 July China intelligent mobile phone shipments were down 14.1%. GfK analysts said, Chinese intelligent mobile phone market is entering the stock from the incremental replacement era era. This means, then consumers will buy is no longer simply meet the needs from scratch, but for performance or price Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men UK Online Sale selection will be Nike Max 90 Current Moire more picky, but will be more intense competition between manufacturers. Chinese mobile phone industry growth rate slowed down far greater than the industry had expected, but industry is increasingly mature and perfect makes the threshold to enter gradually reduce. So, the competition of industry brings no place of restlessness, become the best reason caused a controversy. Meizu and 1799 makes Luo Yonghao angry Navy attack, refers to a large number of users in their review each one microblog in reply 1799, and this figure is just the Meizu MX4 new price. reportedly, release the new product in the Meizu, in addition to hammer away, other mobile phone manufacturers such as millet, one plus other manufacturers have also suffered similar attacks, and the range is very extensive. in the Luo Yonghao war before, Meizu has a round slobber war with millet, the focus of the argument is the problem of the navy.

Chinese is known to history as the education power

Chinese is known to history as the education power, before long, we have put forward a project of vital and lasting importance, education oriented philosophy, especially in 2013, the education industry market is not at Nike Free Run 3 peace, and a number of entrepreneurs have poured into this industry, they hope to use the new idea of education, methods, technical tools let everyone learn more pleasant and effective. Venture capital and this also began to pay attention and attention, suddenly, online education has become a space imagine a very blue. actually said to online education, as early as 10 years ago when the online education actually has appeared. At the time of the Affiliated High School of Peking University, Tsinghua high school, the Beijing fourth, Huanggang school wellknown schools opened the school, Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men UK Online Sale is the first model of online education. Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men UK Online Sale But online education officially entered the line of sight of people, in 2013, and is taking the wildfire sweeping the entire China. After more than a year of deliberation, online education market in 2014 has become the Lebron James Shoes current most suction gold industry. According to relevant survey data shows, from 2013 up to now, there have been more than 20 inMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Orange Greyvestment case happened, a total of about one billion Commission funds, the newly increased nearly 1000 online education institutions. According to AI media advisory forecast, market size China online education in 2015 will be more than 160000000000 yuan, the competition will focus on higher education, occupation training and K12 basic education stage field. the big three ready for publication bureau online education now looks, online education is already become an unknown Nike Max 90 Current Moire ocean, everyone wants to be above the bite on one, of course, the big Nike Flex Experience RN three certainly no exception. Then we start from the three giant online education view: 1, the Alibaba Taobao students: Taobao itself is a trading platform and operation platform, so the online education Ali need corroboration is electronic classroom teaching tool, also is the link. Therefore, the service life of Taobao Ali established the cause of the students, the first thing is to launch the students Ali Wangwang Taobao version, reinforcing tools link. Not Taobao students assessment criteria is that trading volumes, but users and traffic. Electric business platform didn’t test the water but this user, it seems, is Ali will Taobao students as new products and doing business in the future. At present, Ali Taobao students has taken the lead in the completion of the platform layout, Nike Air Max Women in BAT, Taobao students can be said to take the fastest, but also the most clear, this is everybody be obvious to people. Online education Glow in the Dark Jordan Men 2, Baidu: online education service Baidu is a beginning is with the money to run the business related to the cut, all search business group, including the previous education content Baidu library has also been incorporated into the system. The play is very simple, is retained on education flow keywords, in order to further Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men UK Online Sale mining value. Therefore, the construction of online education platform Baidu is with education advertising keywords together. At present, online education Baidu in search from two directions to promote the construction of diversion and platform: is searching guide hand. In the intimate search concept, Baidu also pushed

group in March 16th announced its decision to start

group in March 16th announced its decision to start, in American listing matters. This is after Jingdong and Sina, a Chinese enterprises embark on the journey to the other side of the ocean listed. March 16th, Prev Close to 2004 points, after the retreat was struggling to hold Nike Max 90 Current Moire the 2000 point mark. Mainland investors looking at since the end of 2007 began to shrink the purse, can not help but sigh, why high growth as Alibaba such quality companies do not want to stay in the capital market, but Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men UK Online Sale to compete to go listed overseas. The near point to Hongkong, for example; far point, to the Nasdaq, NYSE, across the sea This is not the only one. Long term since, hightech company, network company has been USA on the stock market main force China concept stocks. for Internet enterprises Nike Flex Experience RN and hightech enterprises, capital flow is the survival of the priority among priorities. Such enterprises are often in the growth stage is not profitable, for investors, the investment of this kind of enterprise is the value of the Internet business model and hightech technology itself and its potenMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Orange Blacktial, longterm return behind. Internet enterprise financing channels mainly comes from three sources: Glow in the Dark Jordan Men venture capital, capital market and bank loan. Small venture capital is often difficult to support the huge spending in the future. But in domestic, not fixed assets of private Internet companies for the mortgage, to get loans from stateowned banks, as is almost inaccessible. Ultimately only the capital market one way the listing and financing. on the surface, the risk of overseas listing of domestic listed more than large, because there are many There’s no telling in the overseas market non controllable factors, such as the two sides legal, accounting system are different, and Nike Free Run 3 the overseas capital to China concept stocks frequently short, and overseas securities institutions of punishment. However, in the capital market, the greater the risk often place, to the expected benefits will be greater. hand, the overseas listing can bring more capital to Internet enterprise, to fulfill its various reward in the start at the beginning of the investor pledge. On the other hand, domestic and foreign management mechanism is different, to apply for listed company audit mechanism which, is precisely the fundamental cause of the Internet enterprises to select overseas Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men UK Online Sale listing of the. relative to the Lebron James Shoes domestic capital market strict easy tube, the overseas capital market management mode for the wide into standard. Strict issuance examination system in China’s capital market, stocks can be listed, when can be listed, the listing Corporation say, to look at the key regulators for listing Corporation audit Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men UK Online Sale judgment. of China’s securities market value more profitable scale, sustainable profitability Nike Air Max Women is an important standard to decide the issuer can landing A shares market, which is also the biggest obstacle to Internet Co. Delayed financing because of audit period is too long, it may make the Internet Co consumed precious cash on hand. in many developed countries, listed management is taken to issue registration system. Regulatory authority, only Censorship Incorporation related information and procedures in compliance with legal